Ramadhan’s Random – some sad story


I met this elderly couple sometime back.  The husband probably is 75 and the wife, probably 70 or 65.

As we sat in that Kenduri and chatted, I came to understand that its a second marriage to both.  They both are still healthy and seemingly happy.  Sometimes, the husband would ask some questions, and the wife will answer calmly.  They seem to care for each other a lot, and yeah, the love too.

I asked the wife, if its not too much to ask, what happened to her first marriage.  She paused for abit and said, both of them failed in their first marriage at later age of their life.  She was 46 and Pakcik was 52 when both of them remarried.   They started new life afresh and lasted till she is now 65 and Pakcik is 72.  They have no children together in their new marriage but have a few in the previous ones.

Then, I asked Pakcik about his first wife if he can still remembers her.  Well, it has been a long 20 years and he is indeed old 🙂 –  He paused for a moment too and replied that she eventually had passed away few years ago due to some illness.  Innalilahi wainna ilai hi ro jiun…

The he continued saying that he remembered her always as she was the mother to the only 6 children that he ever has in this life..

He paused again and continue to talk about some other things with me and his current wife.


Life is so fragile kan?.  Nothing actually stays together except death.  Itu yang pasti.

When I reflect to my life currently.  Then I realized that one day that’s all it matters and worth, no matter how much I love it or wanting it.

To my husband,  I will be remembered just as the mother to his children..

To my children, I am just their mother who brought them to this world…

To my friends, I used to be their friends who had passed on…


Okay some ramblings for Ramadhan probably.  I better pen off now, before I had some tears came rolling down my chubby cheek… 😦


Amber, kekasih gelap suami ku :)

Ini kekasih gelap suami kita, she called husband kita – Pak Yang (mengada nya………!).

Semalam, mommy dia texted kita, pas tuh wassaup call pulak, just nak tayang gf suami kita beli henbek baru..

Mengadanyaaaa.  Kita tengok gambar mommy dia hantar kat kita dengan henbek dia.  Adehhh tak tahan nengok.

Kita kata dalam hati kita,  henbek ko tak secantik aku punyaaaaa.  Hahaha!

#AmberPenghiburHatiPakYangDanIbu 🙂



Sarawak dishes to mark 24!

Our little celebration, Alhamdulillah.   We went for Sarawak food this time round.  Kids love it.  Especially the Umai  and Ayam Pansuh.   Sehingga menjilat jari.  Jom layanz.

Here are the food.

and US 🙂

Nanti Along balik, kita repeat OK!

Alhamdulillah for the 24 colourful years of all of us.

Happy 24th years of love Suami ku :)

Selamat menyambut ulangtahun perkahwinan yang ke 24 Abang !

You Are, my shoulder to cry on, my lifetime pillar of strength!! *winkwink

At the end of all these, everything will come back to only you and me 🙂

So, lets just stay happy till the end of our time yeah?  Pinky promise ok.

#soulmate.  Bergaduh at almost anything hehe.  But we are crazy of each other hihi.  Happy anniversary Sayanggggg 🙂

Weeeeee, ai dapat hadiahhh 😛

Ramadhan 2017

Salam Ramadhan Kareem 2017..

Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT grants me still well and alive to embrace Ramadhan 2017.

Walau terasa juga perbezaannya as year passes, but Alhamdulillah Syukur masih diizinkanNya menyambut Ramadhan pada tahun ini.  Sometimes, when I feel all tired, lost and despair, I reminded myself of other children yang berpuasa tanpa Ibu dan Ayah mereka.  Para isteri tanpa suami mereka dan sebaliknya – so I take a long and deep breath (sambil mengetuk kepala sikit) that be Thankful-lah Hani ! hehe.  So Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah SWT yang telah memanjangkan usia saya dan keluarga ke Ramadhan tahun ini…

InsyaAllah dengan izinMu, Ramadhan 2017 akan jauh lebih baik dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya, Aaminnn!!

Maka hari ini dah masuk hari ke empat kita semua berpuasa.  I bet you, time will fly in just blink of an eye, and by the time I write again, its probably as Raya approaches.


As for us at home, Alhamdulillah we are ‘almost’ complete this Ramadhan as Abang Ngah is on his semester break and is fasting at home.  Insyallah lagi seminggu, Along pula akan pulang (finals happening now), and we will be the super 7 again (complete) 🙂

Better half and myself and anak-anak Alhamdulillah juga diberi kesihatan yang amat baik untuk bersahur, berpuasa dan berterawih setakat ini, dan InsyaAllah terus diberi keberkatan dan peningkatan Iman kami oleh Allah SWT.

Busu Razin juga mengikut kami berterawih pada tahun ini. Selalunya, being the youngest and smallest (in our mind), we always thought he might be tired from fasting to do terawih pada malamnya, so he was excused (teruk kan hehe).

But like I said, mudahan Ramadhan tahun ini menjadi lebih baik baginya dan kami, he tagged us along.  Malam tadi, hubs ambik gambar nih and wrote, ‘your sons look so pious’ 🙂  (Ibu aminnnnnn kan ok dalam hati..).  Mudahan masin mulut Ayah sempena Ramadhan yang mulia ini 🙂

Nanti Along dah balik, we girls pulak ambik gambar ok!


To my better half, I hope I be a better wife yeah?  Tapi kan, tapi kan… ai nak jugak you baca nih tau hihi 😛

Okay bai.  Me love you.  This muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.

Along is 23 and still our baby :)

Happy 23rd birthday sweet Along Miza Syakirah 🙂

Happy 23rd Birthday Along!!

(*nota kaki, we snapped this photo on 30/4/2017 when you came back for your short break, thinking we are gonna miss it again this year on the actual day – #orang merantau mencari ilmu gitu lah ya sayang# –  We bought  your birthday presents that day and ate cake already)


Dearest Along,

Ibu never ran out of ideas and love on every birthday of yours.  Remember that time, when you were 1 year old, barely walking and with less hair then, with that red sexy dress?

Feels only yesterday when we blew your first candles together at Mama’s house in Kampung Baru that day. You were our first baby.  And forever will be our baby.  That is for sure-lah kan 🙂

My Dear Along,

You have always been very kind.  You have always want to give away your things, sharing with someone else  That is why when your other siblings came, I hardly remember you ever fighting over a toy or almost anything.  You are always the one who gives in.

You are a very strong-opinionated person and sedikit garang hehe.  You probably wants to emphasize your thoughts?

Your ayah was so young when you arrived on that beautiful Hari Raya Aidil Adha @ 21 May 1994 @ 11 Zul Hijjah.  He was not immediately sure of how to handle you then, but today he thinks of you mostly.  Along this, Along that…. He knows, you will be his backbone when we both are no longer here in this duniya, one day.

Both Ayah and Ibu know for sure in our heart that you will look after the families for us.  It is just in YOU.  We are so blessed to have you as our eldest baby girl.  Alhamdulillah

So, happy birthday dear Baby.  You may be 23 years old today, but we will always be looking after you and your well being, InsyaAllah…  Kami doakan Along terus sukses dan menjadi Insan yang bertambah baik as day passes, InsyaAllah.

Never in our prayers that we forget you.  You forever will be the first name, Ibu and Ayah cite in our doa and solat.  Agar Along Miza Syakirah terus cemerlang di dunia ini dan di akhirat kelak.  Menjadi penerang jalan Ibu dan Ayah ke Syurga nanti, InsyaAllah… Aminn.

Terus maju dengan semua cita-cita Along yang SANGAT banyak itu.  Go travel and see the world Sayang, Go be that ‘somebody’ that you always dream of,  I am very sure you are in the right track and will be there soon.

We love you tremendously hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, all of us do!!

Ibu will always be here, you know that right 🙂

Friends Who Stay..

You know life is very interesting.  It is indeed like a journey as many had said.  We evolve.  We change.  We become somebody else. That is just how it is…

Friendship however, probably is the only thing in our life that never change.  Its dormant, across the time.  We have different sets of friends as we aged, but they will always be our friend.

And they bring *fun* – which is a very important element for us to have a meaningful and beautiful life!

I used to say to my children that always do the best and never forget to have fun in whatever that you do.  Let it be your study, your deen, your sport activities, your leisure activities or whatever it is-lah.


And coming from that, I always remind myself too – to also be the best.  And to always be happy and have fun.  Sure I have my down days, but it shall pass eventually.  Time heals right?  Yes, at times I need my hubby to remind me of that.

But most of the times, my good friends would.  They will keep me sane when I feel like Im losing my mind and that my world seems ending.

My friends – my happy pills 🙂   They are like my stars.  I do not get to see them very often, but I know they are always there….

Well, I do not have tons of them, but Alhamdulillah enough 🙂

And I love them sincerely, and will never trade them with anything in this world, for as long as I live, Insya Allah.

Friendship is probably the only thing in life that does not change or evolve?

My Alhamdulillah for all of  YOUUUUUUUU….!!

On that note, yesterday was another fun day for me and my friends.  My usual buddies, like Sherry, Noor and Zana.

And my long lost friends like Era (tuan rumah yang sangat amazing and welcomed us all to her beautiful home),

Rose dan Yati yang sudah almost 26-ish years that I have not met!  oh yeah, that long (but we are not old hokay).  Too many stories to tell.

Oh and Tini, who drove all the wayyy from Ipoh just to meet us.  A day trip.  oh em ji.  Thank you sista!  You are our aspiration.

Ina, Noriah and Mawar,  who are dekat di hati tapi jauh nun di mata.  Hehe.  They are all just in KL area, but we hardly get the chance to meet.  Thanks to FB and such tho, that keep us connected all these while.

We had the best-est of time yesterday, too much fun.  Tak terucap oleh kata-kata saat-saat gembira itu 🙂

Masa berlalu just like that, cerita ceriti belum habis, dangggg its almost 6 pm already!

Rumah Era probably never that noisy ya babe?  hihi.  Neighbours did not complaint, did they? huhu.

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we giggled, we gossiped (oops) – but never we forget our friends who had left before us. Al Fatihah to all three of them 😦  InsyaAllah, they are in better place now.  Aamin.


We took so many photos too.  Pelbagai gaya dan macam macam rupa.  (Missing however are the birthday photos as Puan Rumah tidak properly covered with her hijab, but happy birthday dear Era, hope we surprised you yeah? 😛

For our memory it is, just a few photos, but here we are, yesterday.  Alhamdulillah… 🙂

Zana, Nor,Mawar, Yati, yours truly, Sherry, Rose, Era, Tini, Noor and Ina




Thank YOUUUU for being part of my journey and made my life more colourful and only happier!!!

*NotaKaki – we met as Allah SWT wills it – ITMCK/ITMCP class of 1988!