Human Error

Hey 🙂

Heard so much of this Myth but never actually know what it means till yesterday  I lost my car keys  after 10 years of driving.  Strange as it may sound but I was almost sure that I locked my car and kept the keys in my bag. Thing is, when I discovered that hey where were keys, cocurrently I also realized the car was not even locked!

For a moment, I question myself. Eh I tot i locked it?  Hmmm and now I dont even have the keys.

So, what I m trying to say is, life is so weird enuf when how  many times along this life when we actually surely ‘thought’ that we did something, but fact is we did not even doing it! One wise friend was trying to capture this by saying, possibly our brain is thinking faster then the rest part of our body? Hmmm.

For a moment in time, after much sumpah myself here and there, i said hmmm perhaps this is what they say, human error?

Wadya u think?

Say hello to me



Wow this is superbly amazing! After all these time, I am finally here. I must say, I have always into writing. So much to write but clueless where to begin. Sound familiar eh. Well if you ask me, let us all blame on this ‘malas’ disease that we have in most of our oneself.

But today I know is the day. Least to offend anybody, but this blog would be where I pen my feelings, view and opinion on how I see life personally, coz God, we ve indeed been tru loads in life ! U name it. Each and everyone of us, openly or shyly would have some stories about our life that we thought is the most happening of all time.

So, today is the day that I will start sharing with you people what is our short life is all about and I can only imagine one word – fun :).

Enjoy !