Syaza Irdina is 14 :)

Another July born of ours.  Alhamdulillah.

July celebrates Razin Hafizi, Betterhalf and today,  our fourth ace, Syaza Irdina a.k.a Kak Chik (Now she wants to be called Kak Teh pulokkk… oh anak 😛 )

Syaza turns fourteen today 🙂  all grown up dah anak Ibu 🙂

Kalau ikut family tree kami yang kecik, Syaza is the youngest girl in our family. Dan dia amat kuat membebel (macam Ibu la tew) hehe,  she is very hardworking too.  When she set her heart to something, she wants to quickly get it done.  Very focus with her end results.

She cares a lot too.  For her sibs and friends, no doubt about that.   She may be not ‘good’ at showing it, but her actions speak wayy louder than her words..


Dear Ja,

You have it all Sayang.   All the good qualities instilled in you, to be successful. Ayah Ibu cuma mendoakan, as always.  InsyaAllah you will be loved, happy and successful in this dunia and hereafter, InsyaAllah !

Our sweet birthday girl, Syaza Irdina 🙂

Happy 14th Birthday Kak Teh 🙂

Let only sky to be your limit tau !

#queenofselfie #mysterygirl


Hope you love your birthday present yeah.  #vanshoes

Happy Birthday again, kesayangan Ibu!


Razin Hafizi is 12 Sudaaaaa !

Oh Em Ji…. Ai macam tak percayaaaaaa –  My Razin Hafizi is today 12 years old dahhh todayyyy.  Huhu you are still our baby-lah 🙂

*kiss kiss happy birthday kesayangan Ibu!!  Being the youngest,  you are still kissa-able and hug-able 🙂  –  macam toyyy 😛

His many faces herewith ( #hownottoloveyoumeh … )

Ibu doakan Razin Hafizi Berjaya 6A dalam UPSR tahun ini ya.  Like your teachers and Ustazah Ain always said, you are gifted with a very good memory.  You are smart and kind.  And InsyaAllah, Allah SWT wills it, you will be our khalifah yang cemerlang both in this duniya and hereafter..

Stay you always.  That lovable cheeky sweetest boy..

With your sibs and big cousins families who love you tremendously and unconditionally!

We spoilt you too much (yeah I know) , but we know you are such a sweet gem that will love us all as much in return..


Your one and only brother in this duniya 🙂
My sweet boy @ his best 🙂

Lets go, jom carik hadiah sayang ! 🙂 #Razinis12

Sarah & Shota

We hosted a buka puasa for our Beradiks and some relatives from Singapore last 14 June 2017.

Meet Shota, a Japanese Muslim who also joined us for the Iftar that day, Alhamdulillah.

Talking to this Japanese boy about Islam, who speaks almost fluent Bahasa Melayu makes me feel sangat ‘kerdil’ 😦   His vast  knowledge about my deen and Al-Quran, is beyond my expectation as he only became a Muslim less than 3 years ago !

Shota is into studying Arabic here in Malaysia, InsyaAllah.

Our doa is that for you to have a blessed stay here in Malaysia, and may Allah SWT ease your soulful journey, InsyaAllah.  Hope to see you again, soon.

My sons in this dunia :)

These are my nyawa.  My two boys in this dunia, Alhamdulillah.  And my tickets to Jannah insyaAllah, Amin Ya Rob.

My eldest boy, Mustafa Hazim is away from home currently pursuing his dreams, while the youngest boy, Razin Hafizi is currently sleeping under my ketiak at home :p

#majorthrowback – for Abang Ngah and Ajin Piji in the below photo.  Abang Ngah today is our handsome 20 year old.  While Ajin Piji dah 12 years old in 2017 🙂

Caption gambar – As my boys becoming a man.., these two is my strength and constantly reminds me of why Ai existed in this world.

Ibu loves you both more than I even love myself.


(Abang Ngah was 11.  Razin was 11)

Them today,


Syaza Irdina’s 7th Birthday Party

🙂 salam to all. 

Work is really taxing me nowdays…sigh.. Hence, jika sempat meng-update my baby blog here every once in a while is like menghirup hot aromatic nescafe in a cool lazy Sunday morning…(time tuh laks belum mandi… *tut* busyuk… hehe).

Me (ehem ehem) being a doting mom :D, work however could never take me away from my darling children.

As our tiuuuutt doter Syaza Irdina @ Kak Jaja @ Ja @ Jaja Dinot… turned 7 over the weekend last (31 July 2010), her beloved Mak Su and batalion had eventually meng-ad-hock-kan dirinya dengan mengorganize a very simple birthday outing cum picnic for the birthday gurl – at the Titiwangsa Lake.

It may be just us – but US is all what need to have fun. We were chasing the rain that day, yet we had great time and fun, not to mention laughter and food !. Thank you keladi leaf to dearests Maksu and Pak Su of course… (it was a nice curry Wa btw)..

Meh jenguk gambar.  Happy Birthday again my darling !

To begin with, that lovely morning, we had our small ‘do’ at Mc D. Daddy was away that day, so it was just us lor.

Birthday Party at the Titiwangsa lake later part during the day @ 31 July 2010…



lalingsss… nanti kita ajak Mak Su gi picnic lagi kay??? 😀

Happy 7th birthday Jaja cayang!!

Darling Ja,

Ja anak Ibu cukup suka main buai

Buai laju laju, sampai puncak salju

Jadi anak soleh, jangan sekali lalai

Ayah dan Ibu pasti mendoakan mu


Duduk di meja, jamuan sudah terhidang

Nanti bila makan, mesti sampai kenyang

Bila perut kenyang, kita semua bernyanyi girang

Lagu Hari Jadi untuk anak ibu tersayang !!

Ibu @ 31 July 2010