Miza and Me

Salam Jumaat Mubarak 🙂

This is our firstborn, Miza Syakirah.

She wrote a lengthy appreciation post to her insta today together with below photo.  My first 2 seconds upon seeing her photo, I said in my heart, “Ya Allah, she looks exactly like me”.. 🙂

And so the myth says, if muka anak perempuan sama dengan muka Ibunya, panas lah, asyik gaduh la, this la that la.  Hehe

Ok let me confirm this about us – tru our own experience it is ya 🙂

Yes, we look very much alike (dah kata mak anak, satu acuan la kan).  On top notch, kalau ikut tahun kelahiran Cina, I falls under the zodiac of a dog.  She is also a zodiac of a dog.  Ok need to put more?  She is the eldest and I am the youngest, we could both be spoiled by parenting.  She is a Gemini that says strong character and attention seeker, well so am I.  I am a Leo maaa !


But truthfully said,  we just love each other too much!!.  I know she does not say it very often (so am I), but we love each other more than we love ourselves..

I have her in each of my solat and prayer, and I am very sure, she does  me too 🙂

So do we disagree? Do we fight?  Of course we do.  We are normal people with feelings and emotions.  But, we are sane people and rationale.  We speak our mind (mostly I do-lah kan hihi), but that’s about it.  We forgive and definitely forget soon after.

Years had passed and our baby girl dah blossomed into a mature beautiful woman dah today, Alhamdulillah.

Miza is a jovial, healthy, hyperactive and too kind of a person.  And Alhamdulillah she is loved by so many wherever she goes and be.

And InsyaAllah, seperti janji Rasulullah SAW, she and her other two sibs, Sarah Kamilia and Syaza Irdina InsyaAllah will be our tickets to Jannah…

  • Dengan sabda Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wa sallam,

من كان له ابنتان فأحسن إليهما كن له سترا من النار

“Siapa yang memiliki dua anak perempuan dan berbuat baik kepada keduanya, maka keduanya akan menjadi penghalangnya dari neraka.”

Demikian pula jika dia memiliki saudara perempuan, bibi atau semacamnya, lalu dia berbuat baik kepadanya, maka kami harapkan mereka semuanya akan menjadi penyebabnya masuk surga. Kerana apabila saja seseorang berbuat baik kepada mereka, maka dirinya akan mendapatkan pahala yang besar dan terhalang dari api neraka dengan amal baiknya’.



Sarah & Friends, together forever gurls!

Allah SWT is too kind with me.  Alhamdulillah.

Sometimes, rasa kecikkk sangattttt, rasa berdosaaaa sangat, for a sinner like me, yet Allah SWT Ar Rahman gives me so muchhh MasyaAllah 😦

And so today, Anakanda Sarah Kamilia’s day pulak.  For her hardwork and success in PT3 last year, her school recognized and rewarded her today.  And her best-test friends too.  Thank you Allah.  Thank you!!

Ini depa pagi tadi … 🙂

Nota gambar from right : (1) Irinna (2) Nurin (3) Sarah Dangdut 😛 (4) Ami (birthday today huhu) (5) Wani

Five of them are bee-ef-ef dari sekolah rendah to sekolah menengah.  And I adore their friendship.  Reminds me/Ibu of my very own.  I have a few friends too but enough, Alhamdulillah 🙂

Berkawan lah baik-baik sayang.  InsyaAllah sahabat-sahabat mu yang baik akan membawa mu ke Syurga Allah one day, InsyaAllah.

So congratulation girls for your PT3 2016 results.  Go and pursue your dreams !! and may your friendship last forever in this duniya and hereafter !

Nanti kita gi makan eskrem ek.  Ngan mommi mommi kamu yang juga berbangga dengan kejayaan kamu today.  Alhamdulillah.

Riadah and birthday :)

Salam Jumaat Mubarak lovelies,

Much had happened after my last entry.  Life is pretty interesting with lotsa things happening around you kan.  Alhamdulillah.

Ada baik.  Ada yang tak berapa baik.  but well, all have its value and story to tell.

28 March 2017, my dearest bee-ef-ef birthday. 

Walau sampai sekarang kami belum  berkesempatan ‘jumpa’, I send her my doa and love on that special day.  Walau dia rasa dia muda lagi, but I will be her constant reminder to always take care of her health.  When you are sick, I guess you and me are no good to anyone.


So speaking of sihat, gini lah ghuper kami last wiken.

Cold day in cyber.  Few bunch of happy people 🙂

Our awesome Razin Hafizi @ Busu :) – His storytelling story…

Our youngest ace, Razin Hafizi is truly a gift from Allah SWT.  12 years ago when we got him, it was almost impossible as I was on my contraceptive pills as me and hubby thought, with 4 aces at the time, our family was complete.

Story cut short, I got pregnant anyway in 2004 in our new home, then.  We were shocked, bit worry (at the time as I usually had terrible pregnancies) but never we did not cite our Syukur Alhamdulillah to Allah SWT, we have faith that as He wills it, it has to be the best, for us.

Razin came the easiest.  Delivery was made easy.  Within 2 hours, he popped out already hehe.  And being the biggest too!!  A bouncing 3.75 kg baby!

Being our youngest, he gets away with lotsa of things at home.  Its like his Kak Long repeats herself.  New toys.  New gadgets.  New games. You name it – he got it all.

He is 12 years old today, all well and healthy Alhamdulillah.

And yesterday marked another happy and memorable day for us in the family – rasa syukur sangat-sangat.  Allah SWT that has given us so much!!

Razin was chosen and represented his school yesterday to this ‘Pertandingan Bercerita Bahasa Inggeris – The Prophet Story sempena Karnival Dakwah Sekolah-Sekolah Malaysia’.

Let me share few photos first from yesterday ya.

*We were getting him all dressed up with his new baju melayu bought specially for the competition.  Ayah being the biggest supporter balik from Kuantan terus angkut kami gi carik baju melayu.  Ayah memang best lah!

Then later Ustazah sent us this gambar, while he was getting ready for the stage.

Ok this is a special tribute to his Ustazah/Teacher that he called Ustazah Aen.  This teacher is random.  I have met a lot of teachers throughout my life.  My own teachers, my children’s teachers, in fact I have lotsa good friends who are teachers. Not to mention in our family pun, there are so many teachers too.

But this Ustazah Aen is one of the best that I have met.  We are blessed to have her for our son.  She is very dedicated, too hardworking and passionate with what she chose for her life – teaching!

I must say this to her – she had taught my son a valuable lesson – that hard work pays.  That if you are polite and dedicate, Allah will wills you what you want.  They both had long hours training, preparing for this competition, regardless of weekends – as the time was short for practise.

You see, Razin has always been playful when it comes to school 🙂  Ambik acuh tak acuh sahaja.  But with this Ustazah, he becomes someone else- lah.  Our dearest son begitu dedicated dan rajin melatih dan mencabar diri dia sendiri untuk Berjaya.  Thumbs up both of you!!

To Ustazah who we are forever terhutang budi – thank you! Mudahan Allah SWT will reward you awesomely too for all your kindness and sincerity 🙂

Mudahan ukhwah dan sillaturahim kita tidak terhenti di sini.  Doakan Razin selalu and to Razin too, teachers are like your parents.  Always respect them and doa for them.

Razin, live during the competition day, yesterday.  Ustazah sent us so many videos that im unable to upload here 🙂 We both were thrilled throughout hehe.  We were back and forth texting 😛

The result came out.

And he did it! And I was over the mooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! *dancing.

Bukan happy sebab dia menang tempat ke 3 out of almost 20 participants from various schools,  but happy that he finally found his forte!.

He was confident and it was a seamless story telling.  Alhamdulillah and Syabas anakanda ku sayang.  Ibu doakan Razin terus bersemangat and taste more success in both this dunia, and hereafter.

And when I received this text from ustazah, I said – Syukur Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.  For both Razin Hafizi our son, and Ustazah Aen !

Our princess, Sarah Kamilia is 16!

As March approaches every year, Ibu will have this headache.

What to get you.  As you grew a year older, Ibu dah ran out of idea dah.

So, usually your lil sister, Syaza will be my eyes and ears – of what you want.

Nonetheless, on top of what your birthday present is, here is a little something that I wrote, coming straight from heart, from Ibu to Sarah.

Dear Sarah,


Everytime Ibu look at you, I see myself in you.  Seemingly hard as a rock, but truth is, your heart is like the soft jelly 🙂  Tears hardly rolls down your cheek, but sometimes Ibu sees your worry and sadness thru your eyes.

Wellll, mayyy beee Ibu cries a bit more than you do, but deep down I know you have so much love for everyone around you as you worry for almost everyone.  Even a stranger or a cat !

You just love too much.  But that is you.  Being the middle child probably taught you that sharing can be sweet and magical – as love is spread through sharing.

In return, your lil cousins love you the most.  That I am sure.  They bugged you.  They bullied you.  Yet they hugged and kissed you, the most 🙂

Your heart my be small, but Allah in all His Greatness, gives you so much space to love so much and so many, Alhamdulillah.

Dear Sarah,

Ibu once told you that ‘Sarah’ means happiness.  ‘Sarah’ is joy.  And whoever named Sarah, they just love to laugh.  And I think that is very true.  You have the loudest laugh in our home, not too mention your burp (oopsie).

And, even Ibu does not say it often or mocked you when you laughed out loud, but truth is Ibu loves it.  It makes me very happy to see you smiling and laughing away everytime.  I pray for you to have a happy life, always and forever.

Sarah kesayangan Ibu,

You are 16 this year.  You have outgrown my lap dah.  Well, just the lap yeah? Never my heart?  Please always know that in your heart.

You will always be my little Sarah that I love so much.  Who I probably scolded the most (sigh) but who is also always and will stand tall and strong next to me.  For that, Ibu thank you. Xixi!

As today is your birthday, you are off-lah from your routine chores at home hehe 😛

Just go and have fun.  Hope we will find you a present that you truly want for this year, yeah?

So, take care of yourself always, Sayang.  Study hard and smart.  I know in my heart, you will be okay and successful in both this dunia and hereafter, InsyaAllah.

Ya Allah Ar-Rahman,

Today is Sarah’s 16th birthday.  Kasih dan Rahmati lah anakanda kami.  Jadikan dia insan solehah di dunia dan di akhirat.

Amin Amin YRA.

Happy Birthday dear Princess!! and as your birthday present comes bit early, enjoy selfie-ing ya ! 🙂

My Happy pills!

My happy pills every time.

#tb to January 2017 (major throwback).  Kuantan trip to send Along back.

Our Juniors captured from afar.  Tengah cari view best :)
Our Juniors captured from afar.  Depa tengah cari view best 🙂


One human being who has been super patient with my many tantrums.  Alhamdulillah for you, betterhalf.

And, our other happy pill – enjoying good food with loved ones.

#Gelorasteakshouse highly recommended in this photo. Malay owned, professional and food is up to our standard.  Alhamdulillah.  Not too pricey or too cheap neither. Affordable.


Good time with all sibs together.  Love you guys to bits.

Happy a resting weekend peeps.


Happy 15th Birthday Along Adam

Adam is another my anak fruit.  Jarang upload gambar dia rasanya ke sini.


So here goes, a birthday shout and song to Adam bin Abu Sufian, who arwah Atuk fondly called Adam Saja.  Why?

Well, he is named ‘just’ Adam.  So, Atuk tambah la, ‘saja’ to add more words to his name agaknya.  Atuk was wise 🙂

Al fatihah to Arwah Atuk and Nenek.

And as you turned 15 yesterday, always count your blessings Sayang ya, surrounded by so many love and joy.

Be a good boy ok and study hard.  Ibu loves you.

Hope you had fun!