Lombok, bawalah daku pergi….. :)

Salam beautiful readers 🙂


Bawalah daku pergi…

Kepada hari itu yang masih pagi..

Kepada bayu sepoi dan yang biru

Sayu terharu dan menjadi Aku…


My long due holidays with bee-ef-ef finally took us to Lombok, Indonesia last 26- 29 July 2017, Alhamdulillah.

Friends by fate, location by choice as Allah SWT wills it, brought four of us, alongside with our outburst laughter, tremendous fun, lotsa tasty and fresh food and most importanty our Silaturrahim dan ukhwah, InsyaAllah  🙂

It took me several days to digest the fact that one of my wish list is now ticked 🙂 . It has been made possible with the Rezq from Allah SWT,  and my best buddies.  Thank you Sherry, Ner & Tini.  You guys are the best!

#betterhalfizinkan 😛

Where do I begin?  Perhaps, with the beautiful sights in Lombok ….


#The Benang Kelambu Waterfall/Gili Trawangan Beach/Kuta Lombok Beach


#The Rinjani Mountain from the plane/Pantai Setangi &Villa Hantu/Ombak Sunset Gili Trawangan/Benang Kelambu Waterfall


My Lombok travel buddies in random #loveyouguys

another, US 🙂

and, US hehe

I watched in tears (hehe) the fascinating view of the beautiful Sunrise – rising shyly through the Rinjani mountains and Gili Trawangan beach at 6.18 am local time that beautiful sunny morning ….. #love #oneofmybestmoment

Allahuakbar !  Allah Al Basit, Al Azim!!

We are the happy souls.  Alhamdulillah…

#melompatlebihtinggi 😛

Note – I skipped the boat stories but I did it 🙂   A fifteen the most minutes ride from the land to the Island.  *Gili means ‘Island’ –  So, thats why its called Gili Trawangan.


Nonetheless, my Sunset story was not a success this time, as it was rather a gloomy day at the Ombak Sunset that day @ Thursday, 27 July 2017.  Rezeki di lain kali, InsyaAllah.

Another beautiful shots of Us at @ Gili Trawangan waiting for the sun to go down…

And they say, kalau sampai ke Lombok dan tidak berbuai di Ombak Sunset, mana bisakkkkk… hehe.  so here goes !

#buailajulajuakunakkawenanakrajasingapura hehe

I skipped the fresh fishes/food stories as well as all knew how tasty and fresh the fishes are at par with its reviews 🙂 #musttryikanbaronang yeahh

Kami had dinner at the famous Pasar Malam in Gili Trawangan with mostly orang putihs hehe.


I also skipped the Pearls shopping as another known attractions.  The quality pearls are from the South Sea.  I guess its a MUST if you arrive Lombok 🙂

Got few myself, huhu.


The Benang Kelambu Waterfall stories is another personal milestone 🙂

#I rode motorbike # I hiked # I paved into the cold water! huhu #toughWeiiii

Us, collaged.

There are actually few signature waterfalls in Lombok – The Tiu Teja, Tiu Umbak to name a few.  But Sherry chose this Benang Kelambu for me which is equally an amazing adventure #sheknowsmetoowell huhu

Thanks babe! #love


A week had passed now since we voyaged, but we still talked and laughed intensely everytime we chatted or spoke about our recent Lombok adventure.

I pen down here for now, InsyaAllah ada rezeki bertemu dan bertamu lagi.  But before that, I will leave you with some favorite photos in my S8 yeah 🙂


#currentfavouritedrink hehe

Oh least but never least, on our last day, Herman, the guide brought us briefly to another Lombok-must-visit – the Kuta Beach Lombok in Bukit Merese.

Some happy pics of US…

#BicaraGili 2

Akan aku dakap kenangan itu …

Lalu berlalu melangkah pergi

Membawa  rinduku kian berat..

Kapan bila sekali lagi berjabat ?  😦  #love

Assalamualaikum… 🙂

Sarawak dishes to mark 24!

Our little celebration, Alhamdulillah.   We went for Sarawak food this time round.  Kids love it.  Especially the Umai  and Ayam Pansuh.   Sehingga menjilat jari.  Jom layanz.

Here are the food.

and US 🙂

Nanti Along balik, kita repeat OK!

Alhamdulillah for the 24 colourful years of all of us.

My Happy pills!

My happy pills every time.

#tb to January 2017 (major throwback).  Kuantan trip to send Along back.

Our Juniors captured from afar.  Tengah cari view best :)
Our Juniors captured from afar.  Depa tengah cari view best 🙂


One human being who has been super patient with my many tantrums.  Alhamdulillah for you, betterhalf.

And, our other happy pill – enjoying good food with loved ones.

#Gelorasteakshouse highly recommended in this photo. Malay owned, professional and food is up to our standard.  Alhamdulillah.  Not too pricey or too cheap neither. Affordable.


Good time with all sibs together.  Love you guys to bits.

Happy a resting weekend peeps.


Get-a-way with BFF and Baby

2017, Day 18.


It may just a weekend getaway, but with good friends – that’s all it takes for good times and bergelak ketawa 🙂

Its the time of togetherness that we always treasure.  We count our blessings and not what we do not have.

I may not have many friends around me, but the ones that I had is all I need.  They are nicely enough.

Ooh and yea, di celah-celah kami, there is my Baby girl.  She is in her mid sem break, so we kidnapped her too 🙂

Langkawi 2017.  Alhamdulillah for you 🙂


Cucu sedara came for visit :)

Salam people.

These tiny kids will grow so fast, that Im sure.

These lil children are my cucu-cucu saudara , my anak saudara’s clan 🙂

3 of them for now, Rayyan, Delisha and Delaila.


They came to KL for a short vacation last week and spent few days at our humble home.

One fine day, if you stumbled to this post, please remember how much Nenda loves having you guys around, everytime.

Have a happy life and we see you soon ya.


Random : Ayah belanja :)


Me and my girls last night.  As ayah belanja-ing kita makan pizza sebab ayah ada berita baik dari office. Alhamdulillah.  Mudahan Ayah terus diberi keberkatan rezeki dan rezeki yang luas luas dan melimpah ruahhhh.

Amin Amin YRA 🙂 tenchuuuuu sayang.

Penang 2012, A family reunion…

Caption gambar (from left) – Miza, Mustafa, Farhan (tersepit), Sarah, Adam (also tersepit), Faris & Firdaus (the twin), Syaza, Arisya, Razin &  Ali (bff) and dalam pangkuan is Layla.

All of them in the photo are cousins by blood, Alhamdulillah.  12 al-together !

The photo was spontaneous, snapped during our family (my hubby’s side) road trip to Penang on 14 – 18 November 2012.

As our youngest sister, Awa and hubby invited us all for a family wedding during a school holiday in Penang, we quickly plan a family vacation as well.  Alhamdulillah, it  was a trip well-planned, with lotsa activities for all.  Children were thrilled and happy, daddies semua kekeringan uwang :), hehe and mommies semua enjoyed shopping walau kepenatan yang teramat.

We snapped thousand of photos as it was a happy time.  You may find it our fb and our children fbs, twitter and instragram, of course. Thank you technology ! 😀

Lots to tell but one thing for sure, this family reunion and roadtrip brings all of us closer, if not tighter!

Okay guys, lets plan another trip soon 🙂