Cucu sedara came for visit :)

Salam people.

These tiny kids will grow so fast, that Im sure.

These lil children are my cucu-cucu saudara , my anak saudara’s clan🙂

3 of them for now, Rayyan, Delisha and Delaila.


They came to KL for a short vacation last week and spent few days at our humble home.

One fine day, if you stumbled to this post, please remember how much Nenda loves having you guys around, everytime.

Have a happy life and we see you soon ya.


Penang 2012, A family reunion…

Caption gambar (from left) – Miza, Mustafa, Farhan (tersepit), Sarah, Adam (also tersepit), Faris & Firdaus (the twin), Syaza, Arisya, Razin &  Ali (bff) and dalam pangkuan is Layla.

All of them in the photo are cousins by blood, Alhamdulillah.  12 al-together !

The photo was spontaneous, snapped during our family (my hubby’s side) road trip to Penang on 14 – 18 November 2012.

As our youngest sister, Awa and hubby invited us all for a family wedding during a school holiday in Penang, we quickly plan a family vacation as well.  Alhamdulillah, it  was a trip well-planned, with lotsa activities for all.  Children were thrilled and happy, daddies semua kekeringan uwang🙂, hehe and mommies semua enjoyed shopping walau kepenatan yang teramat.

We snapped thousand of photos as it was a happy time.  You may find it our fb and our children fbs, twitter and instragram, of course. Thank you technology !😀

Lots to tell but one thing for sure, this family reunion and roadtrip brings all of us closer, if not tighter!

Okay guys, lets plan another trip soon🙂

Jom minum??

Indonesia dishes are amongst the most delicious in the world, I reckoned.

On my personal note, I like to share today with you guys a few drink that I have NEVER see or tasted here in KL -at least. Blame it on me, its my first time😉

Jom jom..

The one below is air jeruk.  Hani snapped kan sekali ngan gambar buahnyer so that you had some idea air nih rasa camne.

Ini adalah jatuh cinta pertama saya…. hehe. I fell in love with this drink upon trying it !!. so, confirm-lah lepas tuh asyik mintak air nih jer. Yang dingin lagi gitu… kuikui.


Oh yes, must share this one also. The much-talked of the town – *air teh botol*? Sape-sape yang pernah sampai sana taulah betapa famousnyer air nih kat sana. Now is my turn aaa… (tapi quite frankly, Hani tak suka sangat..)

teh botol

Hahh this one. The ever famous STMJ (Susu Telur Madu Jahe).. bunyinyer sungguh indah tapi Hani tak suka this STMJ. Nak nak ada taste halia kat dalam tuh. Erks.. Tapi untuk menyampaikan hajat, I did take a sip. Taste like horlicks jer rasanya but still not a liking to my tastebud. Tapi guys, make sure if you want to drink this, bak kata sahabat saya, Sherry – “Biar yang asli dong!!”..


Okay, this one lak ala-ala ABC depa!! what I like most about this ABC?? . Di dalamnya ada hirisan nangka and hirisan kelapa muda babe… pergh recommended !!


Not forgetting also of course, nama air ini adalah Kampung Daun Sling.. apa yang sling pun tak sure, but nice. They added on bit of soda in it. Air ini we all jumpa hanya di Kampung Daun..


Thank you for reading guys! Hope you are liking it as much as I enjoy writing them!!

Bumbu Bali

Cathcy ay.

You probably have heard of this tempat makan. Me included. Dengar dah banyak kali, sampainya yang tidak😀  Hence, only few days ago, Hani finally sampai akhirnya ke sana for a dinner.  Lokasi nya adalah di Bandar Puteri Puchong, Giant supermarket sana. 

My first impressian – wow not too bad.

The atmosphere was not 100 % Bali, sekali pandang macam that typical restaurant that serves Chinese, but pandang berkali-kali, then I can see the touch of Balinese ambience here and there.  One thing for sure, if you go there dinner time, definitely you need to take the number and queue. From the number of families and people queueing, one can tell – they serve nice food.

The waiting was actually quite a bore, but the waitress were warm and polite, so kira kaw-tim lah dengan penantian yang sungguh membosankan itu🙂

Indeed the meals were ‘sehingga menjilat jari’, orang putih kata finger linking good?? Some Indonesian food that I personally hardly go for actually, but only ended to love the food and their sate get my most thumbs up. Over there in Bumbu Bali, they call it sate lilit. Cutenye.

These are some gambar that I snapped with my mobile. Mind the quality🙂


This is the place.


This is one of the signature appetizer – Campur-Campur Tiga, indeed tiga jenis that serves the super nice, Sate Lilit, Chicken Wings and Sotong Goreng. Delish nyum-nyum, sungguh indah rasanya.

 Each portion is reasonably huge, easily fits the stomach of probably four people?


This is what I ordered for myself🙂 – Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali. I super loving the grilled sotong and prawns. Take extra special note on the sambal guys – gosh outta this world babes ..!!


Oh this one as well, the sauce is incredibly nice, nama dia Chicken & Beef Combo – consists of two, chicken and beef-lah.

(Kecur air liuq den nih… ahaks).

Oh guys, I tell  you, conclusion dia satu jer – MUST GO !!!🙂 The price on the menu is reasonably affordable. Berbintang-bintang star I reward this tempat makan.

Nice place, friendly and warm people, great food – what more you want in life ay😀

Makan jom?

Lagi satu kisah di 2008🙂

Sebab nak citer – food dia sedap sesangat.   Name of the place Al-Rawsha. Location is somewhere di Jalan Damai di area belakang Yow Chuan, Ampang sana. Sorry guys.. Hani bab bab direction nih, errr buta sikit. Ahaks.  Well.. al-maklum chaufferred driven kan? hikhik.

They serves arab cruisine, so I enjoyed the roti tremendously. Apa ntah nama dia😀 and the salad.. pergh.

Eventually, terlalu sedap  makan and only snapped few gambar for sharing purposes. Here they are.



Ini salad dia. Very nice. Something new to my tongue🙂


Ini nasi beriyani dia. Hani tak jamah but melihatkan pinggan yang licin soon after that, I guess, my kiddos loving it la tuh🙂

Nice place really. Go and try guys😀

Indeed Unpredictable

Often we said, hidup kita nih belum tentu apa sudahnya… bla bla bla.. life is unpreditable bla bla bla, wadya expect? bla bla bla..

Read on below guys. What had happened to my life few days back. Erks… Tell you, I only can confirm this – life is INDEED UNPRECTABLE !!!

The story of my life for that day, Thursday, 20 March 2008 began.

It was Maulidul Rasul (peace upon him), meaning it was a public holiday. Yeeha.

Me and my better half decided to take the children out for a movie and some makan-makan. What is holiday for us except for tido, but for the kiddos – public holiday means an OUTING !!

We headed for Sunway Pyramid that afternoon. Parking was terrible, after rounds of pusing-pusing, my better half get pissed-off and decided to park illegally at some lorong somewhere (tell you, so not him).

Kids were hungry then, lets go makan first before the movie. Hmm… Genki Shushi it was again ! (Arggghhh…. just had this like 3 days ago guys?..). So anyway, I snapped some photos of them.


Children loved it. Okay, lets see, dessert anyone???

Baskin Robbins it is.  Oh no.. the very very fattening. But again, its kid’s outing.. so here they are.



Okay, see that boy there, my son Hazim? Enjoying his double scoop of the amazing-fattening ice-cream?

Hmm, and this is where He, me and his dad landed like less then 2 hours after that..


hmmm.. told ya. Life is very much unpredictable eh. Well, mine at least… sigh.

Thing is, he did fell sick few days before that Maulidul Rasul holiday, he was like demam, but least that I thought it was something alarming. So, took him to clinic and got his medication and was on his road to recovery then.

Eventually, that unfortunate day, my guess after like series of jalan-jalan around the Sunway Pyramid, he like so suddenly turning pale, refused the movie that we planned to watch and insisted on going back. He then, started to like walking senget-senget already, like so much in a horrible pain.

After torment-ous investigation from no-other but ME😉 , then the whole story came out.

He fought with his friend, another boy, like few weeks back. And this ‘friend’ actually kicked his private part during that fight!! GOD.

Imagine ME upon hearing it then!! I was so worried and so bloody pissed-off f*&05TY#$ with that stu-peed boy !! I rang the Penolong Kanan of the school like almost immediately and rushed our son to our family clinic.

From there, he was referred, suspected of Torsion (what the hell is that anyway) …

Soon, three of us landed at SJMC, Trauma & Emergency ward.

It was indeed traumatic for me initially but after few doctors attended to him including the Neurologist and calmed me by saying, he did not think it was Torsion (????). However, he decided to do full blood and urine test just to be sure.

After like few hours waiting for results, both of them came back negative (syukur Alhamdullilah..), the doctor then suggested we went for the full scan (to be like reaaaaallllllyyyy sure) that he is fine, and we did just that. Again, like an hour of waiting, results came back and showed minor infection ‘there’🙂 and it was definitely confirmed not TORSION (I will look up in some medical dictionary for this soon).

We were so relief. But boy.. hit other part next time okay, but errr… not that ‘one’ puh-lessss….. Tell you, its your life and its very costly also?

These are the rest of the photos I took just for a rememberance (so-called).


His stressful dad, upon results came out negative, decided to pose with his lovely boy😀


It was my first experience at the Emergency & Trauma Ward. I am sure, it is at some experience and knowledge for me, my better half and Hazim, himself mostly….

Life is very very much unpredictable… Lets all of us hope for the best eh.