Our awesome Razin Hafizi @ Busu :) – His storytelling story…

Our youngest ace, Razin Hafizi is truly a gift from Allah SWT.  12 years ago when we got him, it was almost impossible as I was on my contraceptive pills as me and hubby thought, with 4 aces at the time, our family was complete.

Story cut short, I got pregnant anyway in 2004 in our new home, then.  We were shocked, bit worry (at the time as I usually had terrible pregnancies) but never we did not cite our Syukur Alhamdulillah to Allah SWT, we have faith that as He wills it, it has to be the best, for us.

Razin came the easiest.  Delivery was made easy.  Within 2 hours, he popped out already hehe.  And being the biggest too!!  A bouncing 3.75 kg baby!

Being our youngest, he gets away with lotsa of things at home.  Its like his Kak Long repeats herself.  New toys.  New gadgets.  New games. You name it – he got it all.

He is 12 years old today, all well and healthy Alhamdulillah.

And yesterday marked another happy and memorable day for us in the family – rasa syukur sangat-sangat.  Allah SWT that has given us so much!!

Razin was chosen and represented his school yesterday to this ‘Pertandingan Bercerita Bahasa Inggeris – The Prophet Story sempena Karnival Dakwah Sekolah-Sekolah Malaysia’.

Let me share few photos first from yesterday ya.

*We were getting him all dressed up with his new baju melayu bought specially for the competition.  Ayah being the biggest supporter balik from Kuantan terus angkut kami gi carik baju melayu.  Ayah memang best lah!

Then later Ustazah sent us this gambar, while he was getting ready for the stage.

Ok this is a special tribute to his Ustazah/Teacher that he called Ustazah Aen.  This teacher is random.  I have met a lot of teachers throughout my life.  My own teachers, my children’s teachers, in fact I have lotsa good friends who are teachers. Not to mention in our family pun, there are so many teachers too.

But this Ustazah Aen is one of the best that I have met.  We are blessed to have her for our son.  She is very dedicated, too hardworking and passionate with what she chose for her life – teaching!

I must say this to her – she had taught my son a valuable lesson – that hard work pays.  That if you are polite and dedicate, Allah will wills you what you want.  They both had long hours training, preparing for this competition, regardless of weekends – as the time was short for practise.

You see, Razin has always been playful when it comes to school 🙂  Ambik acuh tak acuh sahaja.  But with this Ustazah, he becomes someone else- lah.  Our dearest son begitu dedicated dan rajin melatih dan mencabar diri dia sendiri untuk Berjaya.  Thumbs up both of you!!

To Ustazah who we are forever terhutang budi – thank you! Mudahan Allah SWT will reward you awesomely too for all your kindness and sincerity 🙂

Mudahan ukhwah dan sillaturahim kita tidak terhenti di sini.  Doakan Razin selalu and to Razin too, teachers are like your parents.  Always respect them and doa for them.

Razin, live during the competition day, yesterday.  Ustazah sent us so many videos that im unable to upload here 🙂 We both were thrilled throughout hehe.  We were back and forth texting 😛

The result came out.

And he did it! And I was over the mooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! *dancing.

Bukan happy sebab dia menang tempat ke 3 out of almost 20 participants from various schools,  but happy that he finally found his forte!.

He was confident and it was a seamless story telling.  Alhamdulillah and Syabas anakanda ku sayang.  Ibu doakan Razin terus bersemangat and taste more success in both this dunia, and hereafter.

And when I received this text from ustazah, I said – Syukur Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.  For both Razin Hafizi our son, and Ustazah Aen !

My Happy pills!

My happy pills every time.

#tb to January 2017 (major throwback).  Kuantan trip to send Along back.

Our Juniors captured from afar.  Tengah cari view best :)
Our Juniors captured from afar.  Depa tengah cari view best 🙂


One human being who has been super patient with my many tantrums.  Alhamdulillah for you, betterhalf.

And, our other happy pill – enjoying good food with loved ones.

#Gelorasteakshouse highly recommended in this photo. Malay owned, professional and food is up to our standard.  Alhamdulillah.  Not too pricey or too cheap neither. Affordable.


Good time with all sibs together.  Love you guys to bits.

Happy a resting weekend peeps.


October fiesta 2016

October 2016 dahhhh.

Yes, masa memang macam lalat like ai always said.  So, it flies (sigh).

Kena really plan and kejar-kejar supaya I am ahead of time and not otherwise (tough).

So, October 1, wonderful re-U with beloved primary school friends (Khoja, Fyrose and Yoh).  Well, they are families now, so yeah time well spent.  We feel 17 againnn.  Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Its been quite a while so we spent like 48 hours together, filled with lotsa food and laughter, movie date too.  Alhamdulillah 🙂


Well, Yoh and Khoja would probably kill me for the below collage hehe.  But this is them, once upon a longgg time ago and today.  Larikkkk


Then the following day, Sunday the 2nd.  Me and hubs drove down to Ipoh for a day trip visiting our beloved son, Hazim.

He eventually got into an accident earlier on.  Syukur Alhamdulillah he came out unscratched.  Syukur ya amat Ya Allah.  Scare of my life but we still went down and see him, rasa tak puas if tak tengok muka anakanda seorang itewww.

Kereta? Gini la ghupernya but car is replaceable but not him.


In Ipoh, ai met another college friend that I have not met in yearsss.  Alhamdulillah  I am always forever grateful for the friendship and sillaturrahim with friends who turns families eventually.


with kids and our hubbies.  Blisss!!

With the above entries, lets welcome October 2016!

Su and As

Salam dear readers,


A photo worth a 29 years.

In tudung biru is Suaibah Daud.  In middle is Asmah Husin and me.

The last time we met was in 1987, in our form 5 in Kelantan.

Yup, that’s right.  29 years!  That is how long we been parted till Alhamdulillah, we met again this day, to be exact on Saturday last, 20 August 2016.

I was back briefly in hometown with betterhalf.

Thanks to e-technology, godek punya godek, berjumpa kami akhirnya.

Three of us has changed like almost to zillion things.  hehe.  But we still hang on to the same memories, our school years.  Betul la orang cakap, zaman sekolah is the best.  Tidak ada tolak bandingnya…

We vowed to keep in touch and will soon meet again.

To As and Su, thank you for ‘ponteng’ kerja to meet me.  You are guys are the best.  Bak kata, Encik Suami, sahabat yang baik membawa kita ke syurga!

InsyaAllah Aaaaminnnn!