Happy 15th Birthday Along Adam

Adam is another my anak fruit.  Jarang upload gambar dia rasanya ke sini.


So here goes, a birthday shout and song to Adam bin Abu Sufian, who arwah Atuk fondly called Adam Saja.  Why?

Well, he is named ‘just’ Adam.  So, Atuk tambah la, ‘saja’ to add more words to his name agaknya.  Atuk was wise 🙂

Al fatihah to Arwah Atuk and Nenek.

And as you turned 15 yesterday, always count your blessings Sayang ya, surrounded by so many love and joy.

Be a good boy ok and study hard.  Ibu loves you.

Hope you had fun!

Girls outing and its Arisya Birthday


12 February is my anak fruit’s birthday.  Arisya Sufiya Abu Sufiyan turns 13.  Alhamdulillah.

I have too many anak-anak fruits from hubs side, Alhamdulillah.  And Arisya is always a sweetheart.  She is very kind and sweet.  Always there, with us.

Arisya also is pursuing her studies in MRSM Pontian in 2017.  It will be hard to see her after this.  So as she was back briefly during the weekend last, Ibu took all the girls to McD.

Girls outing katanya… hehe 🙂

To Arisya, happy birthday sayang.  Ibu doa kan Sya pandai menjaga diri dan cerita selalu.

Terus suksess di sekolah baru ya. InsyaAllah Allah SWT will take care of you always.

Happy birthdayyyyy!!!


Amber is 1

This is Amber.


She is one year old today.  Sweet kan.

She is obsessed with herself in this pic.  Gelak sorang sorang tengok video diri sendiri 😛

You are too cute rasa nak cubittttttttttttttttttttttt gigittttttttttttttttttt jer.

Nasib baik today is your birthday tau.

And as you turn 1 year old today, Ibu doakan adikk mokkkk membesar menjadi anak yang solehah dan membahagiakan mummy and daddy, sampai bila-bila.

We loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.



My eldest son is 19, Alhamdulillah !

11 November 2016.  You are 19 this year Abang Ngah, Alhamdulillah.  Everyday both Ayah and Ibu wake up thanking Allah The Mighty for giving us you.

Before this entry goes any further, Ayah and Ibu want to wish you Happy Birthday.  Doa kami berdua buat kamu dan adik-beradik kamu tidak pernah di satu waktu solat kami lupakan.  Nama-nama kamu selalu kami perdengarkan agar Allah SWT tidak akan pernah lupa anak-anak kami.  Agar Allah SWT memberikan kamu semua rahmat dah hidayahNya.  Agar dijauhkan dari segala kesusahan dan musibah dunia dan mendapat segala keberkatan di akhirat nanti, InsyaAllahh.

Dan InsyaAllah, Allah SWT terangkan hati kamu menghadapi pelajaran dan kehidupan kamu.  Dan seterusnya menjadi insan yang berguna kepada diri kamu, keluarga kamu, bangsa dan agama mu Sayang.

It is such a wonderful thing to Ibu especially that you are officially 19 now. Everytime Ibu looks at  you, I see my baby boy who came crying to my lap on than wonderful evening of 11 November 1997.  You weighed 3.4 then I thought I was pushing out a lorry hehe.

You have brought so much joy and happiness to my life, sayang.  To Ibu especially and Ayah of course, and all of us in our big family.  Your arwah Nenek Timah adored you till the end of her breath, Subhanallah.

You have a too kind of a heart, that sometimes Ibu has to remind you of boundaries.  Yes kindness will go a long way in your life, but its a cruel world out there sayang – be a kind and a smart man instead ok!

I know now that your adik-adik will be just fine. and kakak too – with you around.

I know you will take care and love them, just as much you love Ibu and Ayah.

So happy birthday again, go and have so much of fun today!

My handsome boy at 19 🙂


and the food that we ate on his birthday, Alhamdulillah.  Thank you Ayah, as usual hehe.



No longer 45 :)

These are my sweet memories.  Always bring joy to my heart.  Alhamdulillah!


My happy faces minus Abang Ngah, sadly. Next year InsyaAllah ya.


Alhamdulillah, thank you betterhalf. Juniors. Families. Friends 🙂


Happy 13th birthday dear Syaza!

Alhamdulillah our little angel celebrates her 13th birthday today happily 🙂 and surrounds with so much love around her.


Our fourth ace. A caring soul and always full with excitement and energy. Always wanting to do something. Always dancing. Always self-ing 😛

(emo) It feels only yesterday that Ibu took you for your first dental visit that you takutt so much 😛 and today you dah 13 tahun, all eager to sail life!

Well sail on little angel.  Your dad and Ibu will always be here for you. For your good times. And will always be here if you need a shoulder to rest. To even cry on. I will be here to tell you how proud we have become of you. For everything that you have done and achieved. And for the things you have yet to achieve for life is a lifetime journey. We are just your breath away.

Continue to be kind Sayang for kindness will be your lifetime treasure. May Allah SWT guide you through everything that you do with His Barakah and Rahmat, Insya Allah!

I know you love your Swatch and other presents that you have. You are the lucky angel!

Happy birthday again sayang.  And now you are now officially 13! 🙂

50 and bergaya !

It was the grandest.  With so much love all around youuuuu.  The ozzies are back that add on to the purfect-ness of the beautiful birthday for a soul that me love so dearly, both in this dunia and akhirat, InsyaAllah !!


Thank you kids.  Thank you Sarah K Production 😛 for the ohsem clip.  And Kakak who leads. Oh yes, the bloopers Director, Jaja.

Of course, our sons – Abang Ngah (who is not with us that day;sad and Ajin Piji.

Amateur but grandly done.  Me is proud 🙂

Oh yeah, must credit the song of Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonders.  Kang kena cantas pulak clip neh. hehe