#RisingTogether – 2017KLSeaGames

Sixteen years ago, Sarah was only few months old when KL hosted the Sea Games in September 2001.

And this year, in 2017 Kuala Lumpur once again is hosting.  Living just few KMs away from the Stadium, we made our journey there as well on  that historic day of 19 September 2017 when the Sea Games had its grand opening!

#Risingtogether katanya…

Another 16 years from today, if Allah SWT wills it, kita pergi lagi ok anak-anak?  Probably at the time, Ibu boleh bawak cucu-cucu sekali kah ??

Oops… 😛



Another birthday, Alhamdulillah :)

Yaayyyy, Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah!

Its my birthday, again.  And I am always happy and healthy.  And loved by so manyyy too.  Alhamdulillahhhh syukurnya.


That’s complete my time nicely, Syukur Nikmat! 🙂 #love


Tenchuuu for another handbag, betterhalf.  Its never enuf, for any woman huhu 😛

Made my day !

Lombok, bawalah daku pergi….. :)

Salam beautiful readers 🙂


Bawalah daku pergi…

Kepada hari itu yang masih pagi..

Kepada bayu sepoi dan yang biru

Sayu terharu dan menjadi Aku…


My long due holidays with bee-ef-ef finally took us to Lombok, Indonesia last 26- 29 July 2017, Alhamdulillah.

Friends by fate, location by choice as Allah SWT wills it, brought four of us, alongside with our outburst laughter, tremendous fun, lotsa tasty and fresh food and most importanty our Silaturrahim dan ukhwah, InsyaAllah  🙂

It took me several days to digest the fact that one of my wish list is now ticked 🙂 . It has been made possible with the Rezq from Allah SWT,  and my best buddies.  Thank you Sherry, Ner & Tini.  You guys are the best!

#betterhalfizinkan 😛

Where do I begin?  Perhaps, with the beautiful sights in Lombok ….


#The Benang Kelambu Waterfall/Gili Trawangan Beach/Kuta Lombok Beach


#The Rinjani Mountain from the plane/Pantai Setangi &Villa Hantu/Ombak Sunset Gili Trawangan/Benang Kelambu Waterfall


My Lombok travel buddies in random #loveyouguys

another, US 🙂

and, US hehe

I watched in tears (hehe) the fascinating view of the beautiful Sunrise – rising shyly through the Rinjani mountains and Gili Trawangan beach at 6.18 am local time that beautiful sunny morning ….. #love #oneofmybestmoment

Allahuakbar !  Allah Al Basit, Al Azim!!

We are the happy souls.  Alhamdulillah…

#melompatlebihtinggi 😛

Note – I skipped the boat stories but I did it 🙂   A fifteen the most minutes ride from the land to the Island.  *Gili means ‘Island’ –  So, thats why its called Gili Trawangan.


Nonetheless, my Sunset story was not a success this time, as it was rather a gloomy day at the Ombak Sunset that day @ Thursday, 27 July 2017.  Rezeki di lain kali, InsyaAllah.

Another beautiful shots of Us at @ Gili Trawangan waiting for the sun to go down…

And they say, kalau sampai ke Lombok dan tidak berbuai di Ombak Sunset, mana bisakkkkk… hehe.  so here goes !

#buailajulajuakunakkawenanakrajasingapura hehe

I skipped the fresh fishes/food stories as well as all knew how tasty and fresh the fishes are at par with its reviews 🙂 #musttryikanbaronang yeahh

Kami had dinner at the famous Pasar Malam in Gili Trawangan with mostly orang putihs hehe.


I also skipped the Pearls shopping as another known attractions.  The quality pearls are from the South Sea.  I guess its a MUST if you arrive Lombok 🙂

Got few myself, huhu.


The Benang Kelambu Waterfall stories is another personal milestone 🙂

#I rode motorbike # I hiked # I paved into the cold water! huhu #toughWeiiii

Us, collaged.

There are actually few signature waterfalls in Lombok – The Tiu Teja, Tiu Umbak to name a few.  But Sherry chose this Benang Kelambu for me which is equally an amazing adventure #sheknowsmetoowell huhu

Thanks babe! #love


A week had passed now since we voyaged, but we still talked and laughed intensely everytime we chatted or spoke about our recent Lombok adventure.

I pen down here for now, InsyaAllah ada rezeki bertemu dan bertamu lagi.  But before that, I will leave you with some favorite photos in my S8 yeah 🙂


#currentfavouritedrink hehe

Oh least but never least, on our last day, Herman, the guide brought us briefly to another Lombok-must-visit – the Kuta Beach Lombok in Bukit Merese.

Some happy pics of US…

#BicaraGili 2

Akan aku dakap kenangan itu …

Lalu berlalu melangkah pergi

Membawa  rinduku kian berat..

Kapan bila sekali lagi berjabat ?  😦  #love

Assalamualaikum… 🙂

Syaza Irdina is 14 :)

Another July born of ours.  Alhamdulillah.

July celebrates Razin Hafizi, Betterhalf and today,  our fourth ace, Syaza Irdina a.k.a Kak Chik (Now she wants to be called Kak Teh pulokkk… oh anak 😛 )

Syaza turns fourteen today 🙂  all grown up dah anak Ibu 🙂

Kalau ikut family tree kami yang kecik, Syaza is the youngest girl in our family. Dan dia amat kuat membebel (macam Ibu la tew) hehe,  she is very hardworking too.  When she set her heart to something, she wants to quickly get it done.  Very focus with her end results.

She cares a lot too.  For her sibs and friends, no doubt about that.   She may be not ‘good’ at showing it, but her actions speak wayy louder than her words..


Dear Ja,

You have it all Sayang.   All the good qualities instilled in you, to be successful. Ayah Ibu cuma mendoakan, as always.  InsyaAllah you will be loved, happy and successful in this dunia and hereafter, InsyaAllah !

Our sweet birthday girl, Syaza Irdina 🙂

Happy 14th Birthday Kak Teh 🙂

Let only sky to be your limit tau !

#queenofselfie #mysterygirl


Hope you love your birthday present yeah.  #vanshoes

Happy Birthday again, kesayangan Ibu!


Better half celebrates another birthday, Alhamdullilah.

I was back briefly to Kelantan last week visiting our dearest BIL (who ever since our ayah’s passing, has been our source for strength and reference for advice and everything else for all it matters….).  Alhamdulillah, berkat doa dan ukhwah anakanda-anakanda beliau dan ahli keluarga kami yang MasyaAllah ramainya, sahabat-sahabat kami semua yang datang menziarah dan mengirim doa dan ucapan selamat) – Allah SWT,  The Most Merciful has granted him recovery and better health, Syukur Alhamdulillah sangat!


And that night at my sister’s place, ai membelek-lah album gambar-gambar lama that my sister kept nicely in her bedroom, and  I found this !! .. 🙂

Omaigaddd oh em ji  …. hensemnyaaaaaa hihi  😛

To this man, who I had fallen in love with long long long time and still falling in love everyday – despite all the barricades that we shared, and as I chose the good times over bad, everytime! – I wish you  the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVERRRRR Sayang !!!

#hensemsangatkenajugapost  😛

You are always the better half and keeping me sane, so please count more birthdays with me #doainmysolatselalu…!

Hope you like the present I get you 🙂

Ai belanja you makan ek, when you are back home!  We miss you and have a wonderful day today, Mr bithdayboy #loveblinkblink !