Who Am I


Salam dear Muslim readers and hello readers,

This blog is mainly for my own to keep.  I forget lotsa thing over time.  So this is like my personal book.  It keeps lotsa things that happened.  Both in my mind and my daily life.

I am truly blessed and happy.  So much Allah SWT has given me.  A significant half who loves me and wants to be with me as much as I am.  He completes me.

I can be very dramatic wifey at times.  And have tantrums too. And my husband, who I love so dearly in this life and hereafter is always there to care, love and support.  I wrote many things about him in this blog.

And this blog is also about my 5 children.  From 2006 when I started till todate.  I penned lotsa things about them too.  Our happy times and sad times.

One day, when I am no longer in this world to guide or tell them how much I love them and how happy they have made me, please come here and read.


As for another life, I surrender myself to ALLAH SWT as His servant.  Everyday I pray and doa for Him to forgive all my sins.  I pray for His blessings and only wanting to be a good servant to Him.

A better wife to my best half.  The best mother for my children. And I doa that at the very end of this colourful journey that I called life, He will reward me and my family Jannatul Firdaus, In Syaa Allah.



As you now land here by fate, let us escape from the rigours of hectic life, clear your  mind and enjoy my Somethin’ Light !


28 Replies to “Who Am I”

  1. Dearest K.lang…

    After reading yr blog nie, i find that u hav a great potential to be a writer, u noe..Who noes u might publish a book of yrself satu ari nanti – insyaallah!


  2. Dear nur nadhiera,
    Thank you for stopping by 🙂
    hope you paid the toll eh 😀
    so anyway, thank you for the sincere comments
    and i m sure you dont have to be like anybody
    coz i know you are special in your very own way already
    take care pls


  3. Yes, i think you express yourself well. But as you’re writing in English I suggest you brush up on your English too for I’ve detected quite a number of grammatical errors which’s obviously not a typo.

    Please, no offence. I want to be a writer too and I find that reading is a must to improve our writing skill. Good luck 🙂


  4. Hi Iammex,
    They say, practise makes perfect
    and two heads are definitely better than one
    With this,
    thank you for dropping in
    and noted your comments with thanks.
    And good luck with your writing 🙂


  5. dearest you, i came and visited ur blog
    ive nothing negative to say
    only good things abt u..i mean ur blog..ehem…
    take good care now
    as promised 🙂


  6. Hani.. Hani.. Hani…

    What a pleasant surprise to know that you are now blogging. Bertambah le lagi blog yang I nak lawati…

    I must say… ini satu pencapaian yang baik since those days that we spent at “you know where”…

    Must admit, kekadang miss juga bertekak dengan you kat 4th floor. Mana tak asal aku turun aje, korang asyik dengan “hobby” korang… Agaknya korang ingat aku masa tu jeles, betul tak? Betul!!!!!!!!!

    Keep in touch!!!! (Akak engkau ni aje yang ingat kat kau… Tak caya tanya SB or JD).


  7. Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😦
    God i missed you
    Dah lama nya tak jumpa ko
    Call me plssssssssssss
    What a day it is for me
    Tadi ATAJ drop in….


  8. hello old friend, woah.. blogger mama huh! just came across yr blog, wah wah, romantic couple (both still look young<-jgn perasan lebih2) & one happy family. fun to read, keep blogging! selamat berpuasa, selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin to you & yr family.


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