Syaza Irdina turns older – 15 !!!

Sweet Syaza Irdina,

Its another birthday of yours.  One of your much awaited day of the year 🙂

You are always the happy one to celebrate any birthday.  What more, your very own 🙂

I guess you got it from Ibu. hehe..

Your birthday will forever remind Ibu of that day when I went for my check up and Doc said I was 2 cm dilated.  You were on the way to pop out!

I remembered going to do groceries as doc advised for me to walk to ease labour.

But you decided to come ASAP hehe.   I was in labour pain throughout that Tesco trip that evening of 31 July 2003, and decided to went home and get ready for hospital.  Both me and  your Ayah left home soon after and reach hospital almost maghrib time, Thursday, 31 July 2003.

And right after the azan maghrib on that beautiful day, we heard your cry for the very first time.  It was one of my happiest time, Alhamdulillah.

once upon a time – YOU.

Ibu gonna leave you here, being small hehe.  You are forever my little baby girl (bongsu girl kan).

Will upload more photos of bigger you later, but not today 🙂

Have a blessed and happy birthday today sayang.  Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa menjaga anak Ibu sampai syurga, bila kita berkumpul lagi one day, InsyaAllah!!


Our youngest boy, Busu Razin is turning 13 !

Alhamdulillah Syukur to Allah SWT as our youngest boy turning another year older today, 12 July.

You bring soooo much joy and happiness into Ibu’s life mostly and all of us, definitely!

Jadilah anak yang membawa Ibu dan Ayah dan seluruh keluarga ke Syurga, at the end nanti sayang, InsyaAllah!! 🙂

Happy birthday.  Hope you had enjoyed your PS4 🙂