it is 25 years !

After 25 years of Aqad, with all the colorful chapters filled with joy, rezeki, happiness, tear, good times, tough times, sad times, laughter, disagreements, fist and fights, hugs and unconditional love – I only have one word to say on this 25th years of our union as husband and wife  – BELONG.

My husband, is not the perfect one or far from the best husband in this word, but He completes me.  Most importantly, he sees me for who I am.  And accept me for all what i have and what i dont’ have.  And he loves me sincerely, despite of just almost Anything!

For marrying and loving me, I pray that Allah SWT will reward him Jannah.  For who he is.  Always loving us and guiding us.  Always leading us in our prayers and actions.  Alhamdulillah thank you Allah SWT for sending us YOU.


Dear Abang,

Sometimes, I asked Allah SWT in my prayers – why this and why that.  I feel that I am constantly looking out to something?  Sometimes, I feel so angry that I cried in my prayers.

But one thing I realized is that, after all these years,  Allah SWT has always in a way, give me an answer that probably I was looking for by keeping us  together in this aqad. He blesses us with a heart to love and forgive at the same time.

Betul lah Jodoh itu urusan Allah SWT.   He knows…

Happy 25 years of togetherness and  anniversary Abang, semoga di Jannah, kita bersama-sama lagi, InsyaAllah.   We after all, belong to each other, forever and always :)..


Love, Wifey.