Ramadhan’s Random – some sad story


I met this elderly couple sometime back.  The husband probably is 75 and the wife, probably 70 or 65.

As we sat in that Kenduri and chatted, I came to understand that its a second marriage to both.  They both are still healthy and seemingly happy.  Sometimes, the husband would ask some questions, and the wife will answer calmly.  They seem to care for each other a lot, and yeah, the love too.

I asked the wife, if its not too much to ask, what happened to her first marriage.  She paused for abit and said, both of them failed in their first marriage at later age of their life.  She was 46 and Pakcik was 52 when both of them remarried.   They started new life afresh and lasted till she is now 65 and Pakcik is 72.  They have no children together in their new marriage but have a few in the previous ones.

Then, I asked Pakcik about his first wife if he can still remembers her.  Well, it has been a long 20 years and he is indeed old 🙂 –  He paused for a moment too and replied that she eventually had passed away few years ago due to some illness.  Innalilahi wainna ilai hi ro jiun…

The he continued saying that he remembered her always as she was the mother to the only 6 children that he ever has in this life..

He paused again and continue to talk about some other things with me and his current wife.


Life is so fragile kan?.  Nothing actually stays together except death.  Itu yang pasti.

When I reflect to my life currently.  Then I realized that one day that’s all it matters and worth, no matter how much I love it or wanting it.

To my husband,  I will be remembered just as the mother to his children..

To my children, I am just their mother who brought them to this world…

To my friends, I used to be their friends who had passed on…


Okay some ramblings for Ramadhan probably.  I better pen off now, before I had some tears came rolling down my chubby cheek… 😦