Riadah and birthday :)

Salam Jumaat Mubarak lovelies,

Much had happened after my last entry.  Life is pretty interesting with lotsa things happening around you kan.  Alhamdulillah.

Ada baik.  Ada yang tak berapa baik.  but well, all have its value and story to tell.

28 March 2017, my dearest bee-ef-ef birthday. 

Walau sampai sekarang kami belum  berkesempatan ‘jumpa’, I send her my doa and love on that special day.  Walau dia rasa dia muda lagi, but I will be her constant reminder to always take care of her health.  When you are sick, I guess you and me are no good to anyone.


So speaking of sihat, gini lah ghuper kami last wiken.

Cold day in cyber.  Few bunch of happy people 🙂

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