Arwah Ayahanda Ali bin Salleh

Bismillahi rrohma nirrahim.  Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang.

This probably my initial post about my dad.

I called him Ayah  and his name is Ali bin Salleh.

Ayah passed away on 15 March 2001, only five days after our third ace, Sarah was born.  So sixteen years ago it has been, today 😦

Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun.

Alfatihah to arwah Ayah.  Janji Allah SWT itu pasti.  Dan hanya kepadaNya kita semua akan kembali, kekal dan abadi, di suatu hari yang telah ditandakan.

And everytime on Sarah’s birthday (10/3), it is like a reminder for me of arwah my dad  Both me and Sarah would have our chats about him. The same usual stuff and story about my dad and his passing  – who passed away only after 5 days she arrived into this world.

He never got the chance to meet or hold our *Sarah 😦 ….. and vice versa.

My dad was a tall handsome man with sharp face bone features.

In this dunia, arwah my dad and arwah my mom were separated as their jodoh tidak kesampaian.  Not all marriage is a bed of roses..  Hence, being the youngest I have the fewest memories of him compared to my other sibs.

But I have no bad feeling or gestures towards him.  He was my only dad, dunia dan akhirat.  Allah SWT in all His Greatness and Wisdom prepares something else for us all, InsyaAllah.

And in every of my solat, I will cite his name and pray that Allah SWT will reward him Jannah. Both him and my arwah mom, InsyaAllah.

Bersemadi lah dengan aman bersama para solihin dan kekasih-kekasih Allah SWT, Ayah.  InsyaAllah kami pasti datang menyusulmu.

Al Fatihah 😦 …

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