Happy Birthday Kak Yong! You are officially 11 :)

We sang a birthday song yesterday, a day early to celebrate Kak Yong Damia Qaisarah bt Nasrul Rizal’s birthday (amboi complete hehe).

You actually turns 11 today on March 6, Kak Yong!  Alhamdulillah…

We had such a good time kan? With complete battalion of the dangdut gangs huhu and Mc Donalds could never go wrong for birthday celebrations, I supposed.

Nanti Ibu upload gambar lagi as Kak Sarah updates me.


Damia Qaisarah who we fondly called Kak Yong is the eldest child to my SIL, Awa.

Damia is like our very own.  She grows up right in front of our very own eyes (me and your beloved Pak Lang).  Every single second of your growing up years…

And Ibu must say this – yes being a child, have still have your tantrums, but you have outgrown your age Sayang.  Being the eldest, you are very responsible and loving, towards your sibs especially.  And helpful too with Mommy, I am sure Mommy and Daddy appreciate it very much.  May be they do not tell you often enough, but trust me, they do!

Ibu am very sure as years passed, you will be the daughter all mothers dream of, InsyaAllah.

Continue to be kind Sayang.  Ibu doakan Kak Yong terus cemerlang dan berjaya dalam hidup Kak Yong.  May Allah Ar Rahim protects you from all evilness in this world and look after you always.

If one day when you are all grown up and successful and stumbled into Ibu’s blog, please always know in your heart that, Ibu loves you very much.  You are like my very own.

Have a good day today Kak Yong ya,  (6 March) being a 11 year old. hehe

Go and have funnnn 🙂 and happy birthday again.

(Note to Kak Sarah – thank you for baking the cake for the Damia).  You are the best.

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