Welcoming Muhammad Harraz!

Date of birth is Tuesday, 7 February 2017.

By the time, I snapped this photo yesterday (19 Feb), he is 13 days old.  Very tiny 🙂

His name is Muhammad Harraz.  I lost count to the numbers of cucu saudara that I have hehe but he is my number 26th (I think).

Muhammad Harraz is the eldest to my niece Nini and beloved hubby.

Syukur for you sayang, and your daddy in his prayer and azan whispered to your ear on the day you were born, had said it all to you – That there is no other god but Allah SWT and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah SWT.

May you will always be guided by your deen, Insya Allah!


The feeling is always happy and nice welcoming that tiny pair of fingers to this world.  Its always magical to feel Allah SWT touching your life, so kindly.

So, terus membesar dengan sihat dan kuat ya adik ticik.  We see you soon, again.

Love, Nenda.

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