Day 45, year 2017

Waking up today thinking about my children – Along, Abang Ngah, Kak Lang, Kak Chik and Busu.

My family.

The children were smaller in this picture.  One of the hari raya when arwah Atuk and Arwah Nenek were still around.

That one day when Arwah Atuk was still with us. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun.  Our doa for Atuk and Nenek always.



We alwaysssss wonder what we want in our life.  What is important.  What matters.

Sometimes, we go a bit distance, we enlisted all those items that we want and we need.  And often, we forget that one ‘item’ that is truly matters – our families.

As we are just normal people, often we take things/them for granted.  We thought, it is okay to just ignore that matter, for now at least.  Since we are busy with other matters that we ‘thought’ are more important – our work, our studies, our expenses, our assignments, our friends, our food, our teachers and so many other things, we ‘assume’ superior.

Then by the time, we want to look at that matter again, they are no longer there. Gone. Permanently.

You will never got to see them again.  Like arwah Atuk 😦

So what do we do? we cry?  That’s it?

Take this one day to ponder. Sigh.

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