My Happy pills!

My happy pills every time.

#tb to January 2017 (major throwback).  Kuantan trip to send Along back.

Our Juniors captured from afar.  Tengah cari view best :)
Our Juniors captured from afar.  Depa tengah cari view best 🙂


One human being who has been super patient with my many tantrums.  Alhamdulillah for you, betterhalf.

And, our other happy pill – enjoying good food with loved ones.

#Gelorasteakshouse highly recommended in this photo. Malay owned, professional and food is up to our standard.  Alhamdulillah.  Not too pricey or too cheap neither. Affordable.


Good time with all sibs together.  Love you guys to bits.

Happy a resting weekend peeps.


No title

You know life is like that, and there will be ‘that’ time when you just feel like a failure.  Just at everything.

And whenever it does happen, this is my comfort place.  Where I came and write what is in my heart.  Next to my creator, this is where no one says anything, but just read.  To my words.  and probably  feel my cry 😦


It breaks my heart every time and every time.


Just be the best of yourselves.  Do not be like me 😦

Welcoming Muhammad Harraz!

Date of birth is Tuesday, 7 February 2017.

By the time, I snapped this photo yesterday (19 Feb), he is 13 days old.  Very tiny 🙂

His name is Muhammad Harraz.  I lost count to the numbers of cucu saudara that I have hehe but he is my number 26th (I think).

Muhammad Harraz is the eldest to my niece Nini and beloved hubby.

Syukur for you sayang, and your daddy in his prayer and azan whispered to your ear on the day you were born, had said it all to you – That there is no other god but Allah SWT and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah SWT.

May you will always be guided by your deen, Insya Allah!


The feeling is always happy and nice welcoming that tiny pair of fingers to this world.  Its always magical to feel Allah SWT touching your life, so kindly.

So, terus membesar dengan sihat dan kuat ya adik ticik.  We see you soon, again.

Love, Nenda.

Happy 15th Birthday Along Adam

Adam is another my anak fruit.  Jarang upload gambar dia rasanya ke sini.


So here goes, a birthday shout and song to Adam bin Abu Sufian, who arwah Atuk fondly called Adam Saja.  Why?

Well, he is named ‘just’ Adam.  So, Atuk tambah la, ‘saja’ to add more words to his name agaknya.  Atuk was wise 🙂

Al fatihah to Arwah Atuk and Nenek.

And as you turned 15 yesterday, always count your blessings Sayang ya, surrounded by so many love and joy.

Be a good boy ok and study hard.  Ibu loves you.

Hope you had fun!


Day 45, year 2017

Waking up today thinking about my children – Along, Abang Ngah, Kak Lang, Kak Chik and Busu.

My family.

The children were smaller in this picture.  One of the hari raya when arwah Atuk and Arwah Nenek were still around.

That one day when Arwah Atuk was still with us. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun.  Our doa for Atuk and Nenek always.



We alwaysssss wonder what we want in our life.  What is important.  What matters.

Sometimes, we go a bit distance, we enlisted all those items that we want and we need.  And often, we forget that one ‘item’ that is truly matters – our families.

As we are just normal people, often we take things/them for granted.  We thought, it is okay to just ignore that matter, for now at least.  Since we are busy with other matters that we ‘thought’ are more important – our work, our studies, our expenses, our assignments, our friends, our food, our teachers and so many other things, we ‘assume’ superior.

Then by the time, we want to look at that matter again, they are no longer there. Gone. Permanently.

You will never got to see them again.  Like arwah Atuk 😦

So what do we do? we cry?  That’s it?

Take this one day to ponder. Sigh.

Girls outing and its Arisya Birthday


12 February is my anak fruit’s birthday.  Arisya Sufiya Abu Sufiyan turns 13.  Alhamdulillah.

I have too many anak-anak fruits from hubs side, Alhamdulillah.  And Arisya is always a sweetheart.  She is very kind and sweet.  Always there, with us.

Arisya also is pursuing her studies in MRSM Pontian in 2017.  It will be hard to see her after this.  So as she was back briefly during the weekend last, Ibu took all the girls to McD.

Girls outing katanya… hehe 🙂

To Arisya, happy birthday sayang.  Ibu doa kan Sya pandai menjaga diri dan cerita selalu.

Terus suksess di sekolah baru ya. InsyaAllah Allah SWT will take care of you always.

Happy birthdayyyyy!!!


Doa for Anita Zuriana Abu Zarim …


Dengan lafaz Bismillahi rrohma nirrahim.

We met in 1989 in ITMCK.  We both were young and playful. We were very close.

Her name, Anita Zuriana Abu Zarim, sweetly rhymed as her face and soul.  Years had really passed, but one could never forget that face with a pair of eyes, always smiling – so sincerely…

After 28 years, our path crossed again at workplace. She was sweet and kind as ever.  Only married, more successful and happier with life.


A name just too sweet

A face rarely beautiful

A soul genuinely kind

An eye always smiling

Itu lah Anita Zuriana bt Abdul Zarim.

Nita yang kami kenang dan kasih sentiasa

Itulah adik yang kami manjakan always

Dan kami dipertemukan lagi rupanya untuk berpisah yang abadi 😦 pada 30/1/2017.

Gone too early and too young in a tragic car accident.

Pulangnya Nita ke pangkuan Ilahi as her time has come 😦

Indeed He is where we came from and to Him, we shall return indefinitely.

Kak Ha hanya mampu menyeka air mata dan berdoa agar Nita dijemput Malaikat Izrail a.s dengan sakaratulmaut yang tidak sesakali menyakitkan dan penuh Husnul Kha’timah, InsyaAllah!

Ya Allah Ya Ar-Rahman

Pandanglah Nita dengan penuh kasih dan sayangMu

Redhalah dengan Nita dengan semua kebaikannya

Terimalah semua solat dan segala amal jariah Nita

Ampunkanlah Nita dan kasihanilah beliau, Ya Allah 😦

Ya Allah Ya Ar-Rahim

Kau lapangkanlah alam kuburnya hingga ke hari pembalasanMu

Jauhkanlah Nita dari segala siksa kuburMu, Ya Ar-Malik

Kasih dan kasihanilah adinda kami Anita Zuriana Ya Allah

Sesungguhnya hanyaMu yang Al-Mujib, kekal abadi dan tempat kami meminta-minta 😦

Tenanglah adik di sana.  Bersama para solehah dan kekasih-kekasih Allah SWT

Kami pasti datang menyusul mu….


(We been wanting to meet and have lunch.  But, sigh never actually got to do it.. sigh 😦   )