My sons in this dunia :)

These are my nyawa.  My two boys in this dunia, Alhamdulillah.  And my tickets to Jannah insyaAllah, Amin Ya Rob.

My eldest boy, Mustafa Hazim is away from home currently pursuing his dreams, while the youngest boy, Razin Hafizi is currently sleeping under my ketiak at home :p

#majorthrowback – for Abang Ngah and Ajin Piji in the below photo.  Abang Ngah today is our handsome 20 year old.  While Ajin Piji dah 12 years old in 2017 🙂

Caption gambar – As my boys becoming a man.., these two is my strength and constantly reminds me of why Ai existed in this world.

Ibu loves you both more than I even love myself.


(Abang Ngah was 11.  Razin was 11)

Them today,


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