Bon VoYage. Fi amanillah Malik Firdaus!

2017, day 24

Malik Firdaus is our anak fruit.  Twin to Lokman Faris.

He is 15 this year and on when this is posted, he is a day old di bumi Turkey.

Fi amanillah Firdaus !!

Ibu doakan you will be that man that all mothers dream of.

Take care of yourself always and we see you soon.

One picture of you and Pak Lang.  Oh Sarah too, do not forget us!




Get-a-way with BFF and Baby

2017, Day 18.


It may just a weekend getaway, but with good friends – that’s all it takes for good times and bergelak ketawa 🙂

Its the time of togetherness that we always treasure.  We count our blessings and not what we do not have.

I may not have many friends around me, but the ones that I had is all I need.  They are nicely enough.

Ooh and yea, di celah-celah kami, there is my Baby girl.  She is in her mid sem break, so we kidnapped her too 🙂

Langkawi 2017.  Alhamdulillah for you 🙂


My sons in this dunia :)

These are my nyawa.  My two boys in this dunia, Alhamdulillah.  And my tickets to Jannah insyaAllah, Amin Ya Rob.

My eldest boy, Mustafa Hazim is away from home currently pursuing his dreams, while the youngest boy, Razin Hafizi is currently sleeping under my ketiak at home :p

#majorthrowback – for Abang Ngah and Ajin Piji in the below photo.  Abang Ngah today is our handsome 20 year old.  While Ajin Piji dah 12 years old in 2017 🙂

Caption gambar – As my boys becoming a man.., these two is my strength and constantly reminds me of why Ai existed in this world.

Ibu loves you both more than I even love myself.


(Abang Ngah was 11.  Razin was 11)

Them today,


2017, day one

syaza2017Welcome 2017. Goodbye 2016.

New things would come and we be ready InsyaaAllah. With izin Allah SWT and our love



#notakaki – tuh tangan Syaza hehe.  While having family time and firework watching di belakang rumah kami di downtown.  Alhamdulillah