Sarah terus cemerlang, Alhamdulillah.

PT3 results out today.

Alhamdulillah, our number 3 ace, Anakanda Sarah Kamilia terus cemerlang.

Ibu tumpang gembira dan bersyukur.  We all do! 🙂  Such a happy day.

Terus cemerlang, dunia dan akhirat sayang ya.

Lets go setabak!


#mukaberjerawat wei hehe 😛


Razin Selamat Berkhatan (Personal Xperience) :)

#thisentrywillbesuperlong 🙂


In this life, we are blessed with two sons.  Hazim & Razin, Thank you Allah SWT, syukur for them.

To begin with, this post will be longer than usual.

Many years ago, when our eldest son ‘berkhatan’, he did it with his fellow cousins in SJ and spent his ‘berpantang days’ there too, thanks to Pak Anjang, his uncle who took care of him and his sons throughout.

For info, according to Wikipedia, ‘Khatan’ is a malay word, and it means – ‘Male circumcision’ (is the removal of the foreskin from the human penis. In the most common procedure, the foreskin is opened, adhesions are removed, and the foreskin is separated from the glans).  Do Google if you need more details yeah. hehe

Anway, last Saturday 10/12/16,  was our youngest boy’s turn, Razin to berkhatan.  And marked our first experience too – menjaga ‘peel’ orang berkhatan.

That morning before we left for the appointment, he was all happy and excited to it.  His ‘before’ and ‘after’ look.  All happy, kan.

Alhamdulillah as went well and we are so proud of you sayang. You didddddd it ! (worst is over yeah?).


It was a quick ‘do’ in the nearby clinic and his ‘pantang days’ began soon after…


Habis jer ubat bius kat rumah, dia dah mula crancky and merengek-rengek.  Must admit, that being the  youngest, he can be extremely manja and clingy.

Nanges Ibu 😦 ..  It breaks my heart seeing him in so much pain like that, me and dad was basically sitting there next to him, tak buat menda lain but layan his mood. He took pain killer/panadol, every 4 hours.

We understand he is in pain, so pujuk la anak sorang yang ini.  Later in the evening, he finally agreed to play game (kalau tak, semua tak mau, no no no jer).


Malam first night after Khatan was not cool. He cannot sleep due to pain (Ibu nanges lagi).  So kami berdua, tidur-tidur kucin jer la.  I prayed so hard in my heart and my prayers for him to recover fast-fast.  Kesian sangat nengok nya pada waktu itu.

Then, Day 2.


Still in pain, but slightly less, he said.  Today berjaya pujuk him mandi sikit to just freshen up.  Feeling slightly better, he started to watch some you tube to fill up his time, but still clingy and makan bersuap bagai..

Malam itu, he slept soundly after a pill of panadol, Alhamdulillah (ibu on and off tidur, dok perhati dia) *risau..  InsyaAllah, you will feel better as day passes.

Day 3

As he was able to sleep, bangun pagi pun senyum jer.  Alhamdulillah.  Dapat mandi lama sikit today and dah tak mintak ubat dah. Thumbs Up!! 🙂


(mind the sepit-sepit baju yang bersepah sana-sini.  Budak tak pernah berkain pelekat hehe.  Bila kena pakai pelekat and bersunat pulak, hmm apa lagi sepit la kain nya sana- sini) 😛

Day 4

Ibu dah kena kerja.  (Rasa nak meraung, tengok dia pagi tadi, still sleeping when I was about to leave for work).

  • so tak de update lagi for day 4 hehe.  Later I will update huhu.

But spoken and texting him almost whole AM.  He sounded cheerful and all better today, syukur kepadamu Ya Allah.

Ibu doakan dengan sakit yang amat sedikit ini, anakanda Razin Hafizi akan menjadi seorang ‘lelaki’ yang lebih baik dan beriman kepadaNya.

Bukankah Allah SWT itu Maha Pengasih and menguji kita setakat mampunya kita?

Have faith sayang ya.  You are yes manja but a very strong and kind boy.  Ibu is so proud of you.  Will see you soooonnnnn.  *please behave while im gone k 🙂




Tetiba dah malas nak sambung this topic.  Oops sorry.

But Alhamdulillah, Razin is all well now.  Fully recovered into a young man.

Terus istiqamah ok sayang.

Belanja satu lah gambarnya (dah berani pakai seluar pun), hehe.  Ayah and Razin at their favourite spot.