Sahabat lama dan tiada

I was reminded this morning about a friend.  A friend that came as long as I could remember into my life but no longer in contact with me (mostly) today.

Thing with me is that I forget things.  Close friends used to tell me that I have a limited space to my memory box? and yeah, they probably right.  Or rather, I probably choose what I want to remember kot?

Well, quite frankly if some of my friends do come here occasionally to read or (waste) some time 😛 – please do know that I love each and everyone of you, seadanya dan seikhlasnya.

Rasulullah SAW sendiri amat menjaga persahabatan dan sangat mencintai para sahabatnya.

Omputih kata – a good friend is like a star.  You do not often quite see it, but you know its there.

Hence, budi pekerti siapa lagi yang kita nak ikut, if not for our very own Prophet right?

InsyaAllah begitulah juga saya.  Cumanya, saya hanya manusia biasa yang sering terkhilaf.

But do know that despite of anything else or however, I may have behaved and behaving – I have forgiven all of you, dunia akhirat.  But let me alone, trying to forget.

So to that one friend, who I know used to come here and I used to pen about that person too here in my blog – May one day Allah SWT izinkan kita bersilatulrahim lagi di dunia dan seterusnya di akhirat.  Amin YRA



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