RM50 from Abang Ngah…


This RM50 note is the exact note that my son gave me few months ago (was clearing phone, found this pic).

He konon during his semester break last, nak kerja.  Ok fine, I said.

So he worked, in one of the bakery.  He loves to bake.  So, I thought, okay-lah work la sayang.  Taste life..

Tak sampai kot 2 minggu hehe.  10 days to be exact 🙂

Dah penat katanya.  Okay so berhenti.

Then he got his gaji.  And he gave me this very rm50.

(Mak nanges ok) hehe.

Well, life is indeed a cycle.  Dulu masa arwah Mek ada, I think sempat kot sekali if not twice, I gave her a little potion of my ‘tiny’ salary then.

Feeling as how I felt when my son gave me this very RM50, arwah Mek juga must have felt the same 😦

Al Fatihah to her.  May she now in Allah’s SWT Rahmat and with the Solihan.  Amin YRA.

To my son, Abang Ngah – thank you sayang.  Ibu sentiasa doakan Abang diberi keberkatan hidup, dunia dan akhirat.

Good luck for today’s final !

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