Random : Perangai manusia

I am always running around.  Busy with life.  With families.  Maklum anak 5 kot.  Urusan sekolah tak pernah selesai.  Lepas satu, then another.

Not to mention work.  Walau kerja tak sesibuk mana but I have to be in the office 8.30 to 5.30, Isnin hingga jumaat.  Plus trafik jam and all, day light gone!

Pergi 7 am, balik 7 pm.

Come weekend, kerja rumah pulak.  I do not have maid anymore, so kerja rumah adalah routine juga.  Alhamdulillah anak-anak dah besar, so great help there, yes.  But still, busy juga bila di hari minggu.

Plus, kena la juga jalan-jalan kan.  Outing di hujung minggu.  So, weekend also sometimes, gone !

Kesimpulannya, stress tak hidup ai?  hmmm (I hate to use the word ‘stress’, takut jadi doa) but yeah, hectic la juga kehidupan ai.  I am sure all of us does, in fact.


Bila randomly, terserempak la pulak dengan masalah-masalah kecik pasal peel manusia, neh – rasa macam nak jentik jer masalah tuh.  Gone- lah kau dalam hidup aku (bahasa kasarnya, berambus lah kan)

But, lets not go there.

I came from Media background.  My workplace for more than a decade.  So may be that’s where I polished my liking to write (dari sekolah dah tulis novel sebenarnya) hehe.

Coming back to perangai manusia, ada pelbagai yes.  And as a mother, I tryyyyyy to be as nice as possible sebab :

  1.  Doa mak tak de hijab kan
  2.  Bagi la contoh baik-baik kat anak-anak

but I am still a normal human being.

Ada manusia, dia rasa dia jer yang baik dan bagus.

Ada manusia yang nak jadi superhero

Ada manusia yang dalam kepala dia, hanya ada dia dan dia

Ada manusia yang rasa cerdik tapi bodoh sebenarnya

…. and list goes on- lah.

But sedikit nasihat untuk diri sendiri dan manusia-manusia di luar sana lah kan – bila menegur biarlah berhemah.  Ada titik hormatnya.  InsyaAllah, baik la hasilnya nanti.


A happy day :)

Alhamdulillah.  Allah SWT has given me and family so much.  InsyaAllah, kejayaan dan rezeki yang diberiNya will only bring us all closer to Him and dijauhkan kami sekeluarga dari perasaan riak dan sombong, InsyaAllah.

Its just simply a happy moment, personal to heart.  A glorious time for our family. Alhamdulillah.

Our youngest ace, our very own Razin Hafizi! 🙂




Amber is 1

This is Amber.


She is one year old today.  Sweet kan.

She is obsessed with herself in this pic.  Gelak sorang sorang tengok video diri sendiri 😛

You are too cute rasa nak cubittttttttttttttttttttttt gigittttttttttttttttttt jer.

Nasib baik today is your birthday tau.

And as you turn 1 year old today, Ibu doakan adikk mokkkk membesar menjadi anak yang solehah dan membahagiakan mummy and daddy, sampai bila-bila.

We loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.



If there is will, there WILL be a way !

This is random and personal.  Close to heart and deep.

Tears rolled down my cheek and I felt this goose bumps coming to my stomach right now 😦

I want to share a story.  About a boy, whom I know so dearly. From small.  His name is Muhammad Arief.  He is the son to my dear sahabat in this world.

You see, this boy is very special boy – he is a dyslexia boy (please google if you wonder what is that).

He is 20 years old this year and has come soooo far in this life. His life mostly.

As he was growing up right in front of my own eyes – in my heart then and now,  I always hope that he will be just fine and that Allah The Almighty will always look upon him.  Taking care of him and his well beings.

Today, as I was chatting away with his mom (as usual), the proud mom told me that Arief got his exam result today for his final sem in UITM.  Subhanallah, he scored a straight A’s, 4 flat !  How cool is that?? ….

Oh man.  I cried.  He may not be my son, but his willpower out beat everyone else this world (including my sons).

I am far from comparing here, but for someone who carries the OKU card in his wallet and scored straight A’s, 4 flat in final semester exam?? he earned my utmost respect-lah!  You really aspire me!

And, he deserves all the ‘congratulations’ in this world!!  And to your proud mom and dad too, tahniah babe!  Alhamdulillah, we shared your emotion and happiness.

Wayyyyyy to go Arief dearest, this is so awesome!  Untie Hani knows that only the sky is your limit.  Anything else beyond that, you will just nail them anytime, and you will be just fine….

Go and conquer the world boy!  I am soooo proud of you!! *clapping hands loudly with tears, still in my eyes….

My eldest son is 19, Alhamdulillah !

11 November 2016.  You are 19 this year Abang Ngah, Alhamdulillah.  Everyday both Ayah and Ibu wake up thanking Allah The Mighty for giving us you.

Before this entry goes any further, Ayah and Ibu want to wish you Happy Birthday.  Doa kami berdua buat kamu dan adik-beradik kamu tidak pernah di satu waktu solat kami lupakan.  Nama-nama kamu selalu kami perdengarkan agar Allah SWT tidak akan pernah lupa anak-anak kami.  Agar Allah SWT memberikan kamu semua rahmat dah hidayahNya.  Agar dijauhkan dari segala kesusahan dan musibah dunia dan mendapat segala keberkatan di akhirat nanti, InsyaAllahh.

Dan InsyaAllah, Allah SWT terangkan hati kamu menghadapi pelajaran dan kehidupan kamu.  Dan seterusnya menjadi insan yang berguna kepada diri kamu, keluarga kamu, bangsa dan agama mu Sayang.

It is such a wonderful thing to Ibu especially that you are officially 19 now. Everytime Ibu looks at  you, I see my baby boy who came crying to my lap on than wonderful evening of 11 November 1997.  You weighed 3.4 then I thought I was pushing out a lorry hehe.

You have brought so much joy and happiness to my life, sayang.  To Ibu especially and Ayah of course, and all of us in our big family.  Your arwah Nenek Timah adored you till the end of her breath, Subhanallah.

You have a too kind of a heart, that sometimes Ibu has to remind you of boundaries.  Yes kindness will go a long way in your life, but its a cruel world out there sayang – be a kind and a smart man instead ok!

I know now that your adik-adik will be just fine. and kakak too – with you around.

I know you will take care and love them, just as much you love Ibu and Ayah.

So happy birthday again, go and have so much of fun today!

My handsome boy at 19 🙂


and the food that we ate on his birthday, Alhamdulillah.  Thank you Ayah, as usual hehe.