Sarah got her camera (again) hehe


Sarah is our third Ace.  We call her macam-macam, starting from Sarah Dangdut 🙂 , Sarah Kay, Kak Lang, Aghah, Kak Aghah.. and lists may go on.

Sarah is the one who is always at home with me as Along and Abang Ngah, both are in universities away from home.  So, she probably sees the most of me during her growing years.

Well, she been saving her allowances few times to get some things or gadgets that she dreamt of having.  Alhamdulillah, her determination got them.

Recently, I came to know she wanted to have a compact camera (before DSLR, InsyaAllah ya sayang).  She likes to take photos like most teenagers do-lah kan.

So she saved.

My significant other and me thought, as encouragement to her good habit, so lets contribute-lah.

So weekend last, we got her the compact camera.  It was Sony A5100. (Actually this is her third cam already)

She was happy.  We are too.  Her happiness is always ours.

And thanks Sarah, for always being there for Ibu *you know what I mean  🙂

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