Coffee with him :)


Coffee with him, is ritual.

A rendezvous , indeed casual.

It pours chats, like before.

Blends laughter, never a bore.


*(hani@nota kaki – Alhamdulillah and thank you dear significant half.  May Allah SWT rewards  you more)

Sarah got her camera (again) hehe


Sarah is our third Ace.  We call her macam-macam, starting from Sarah Dangdut 🙂 , Sarah Kay, Kak Lang, Aghah, Kak Aghah.. and lists may go on.

Sarah is the one who is always at home with me as Along and Abang Ngah, both are in universities away from home.  So, she probably sees the most of me during her growing years.

Well, she been saving her allowances few times to get some things or gadgets that she dreamt of having.  Alhamdulillah, her determination got them.

Recently, I came to know she wanted to have a compact camera (before DSLR, InsyaAllah ya sayang).  She likes to take photos like most teenagers do-lah kan.

So she saved.

My significant other and me thought, as encouragement to her good habit, so lets contribute-lah.

So weekend last, we got her the compact camera.  It was Sony A5100. (Actually this is her third cam already)

She was happy.  We are too.  Her happiness is always ours.

And thanks Sarah, for always being there for Ibu *you know what I mean  🙂

Cucu sedara came for visit :)

Salam people.

These tiny kids will grow so fast, that Im sure.

These lil children are my cucu-cucu saudara , my anak saudara’s clan 🙂

3 of them for now, Rayyan, Delisha and Delaila.


They came to KL for a short vacation last week and spent few days at our humble home.

One fine day, if you stumbled to this post, please remember how much Nenda loves having you guys around, everytime.

Have a happy life and we see you soon ya.


Sarah final day with PT3 and cerita pagi hari..

12 October 2016 – as at now 11.20 AM, our Sarah is sitting for her final paper for her PT3.  Doa Ayah dan Ibu tak pernah putus buat kamu Sarah.  Mudahan kamu terus tenang dan terang hatinya menjawab dengan tertib dan tepat dan seterusnya cemerlang di dalam PT3 dan seterusnya exam-exam lain di dalam hidup Sarah.

Like Ibu always said, PT3 yes important but its not the end of the world 🙂  Just do your best at it or anything at all that you did and bertawakkallah kepada Yang Satu, Allah SWT mudahan kejayaan hidup kamu mendorong Iman yang lebih teguh buatNya.

Ibu tahu you have studied hard and InsyaAllah, Allah SWT shall reward you handsomely too.  Aamin!


As exam days are for everyone during this 3rd quarter, cucu-cucu saudara kami, Aina dan Isya now are fighting with this dengue in hospitals.  Nenda doakan kamu berdua terus kuat dan segera sembuh.

While visiting Aina malam tadi reflects on so much blessing Allah SWT has given me.  Anak-anak Ibu Alhamdulillah sihat walafiat dan akan terus sihat Insya Allah.

but, I was having this conversation with Sarah on her way to school this morning and it hit me …

Ibu  :  Sarah, what did you eat for breakfast tadi?

Sarah : Your nasi goreng

Ibu : oh, jangan lupa makan nanti in between papers.  Tak mo perut kosong

Sarah : I also tapau your nasi goreng.  So makan tuh jer lah

Ibu : oh okay

Ibu : Sometimes, when I really think about it kan Sarah,  dulu when I was a kid, the first 15 years of my life (at least) ibu tak pernah makan fast food tau.  Nugget ke apa ke.  due to our restriction over money then.  I ate nasi with lotsa fish and ulaman or sayur kampung.

Ibu : good breakfast would be cereal and roti

Sarah : and oat

Ibu : yeah and oat (which you all semua tak makan) sigh


hmmmm… as I am writing this, I hope to cook more instead of eating out.  *risau

October fiesta 2016

October 2016 dahhhh.

Yes, masa memang macam lalat like ai always said.  So, it flies (sigh).

Kena really plan and kejar-kejar supaya I am ahead of time and not otherwise (tough).

So, October 1, wonderful re-U with beloved primary school friends (Khoja, Fyrose and Yoh).  Well, they are families now, so yeah time well spent.  We feel 17 againnn.  Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Its been quite a while so we spent like 48 hours together, filled with lotsa food and laughter, movie date too.  Alhamdulillah 🙂


Well, Yoh and Khoja would probably kill me for the below collage hehe.  But this is them, once upon a longgg time ago and today.  Larikkkk


Then the following day, Sunday the 2nd.  Me and hubs drove down to Ipoh for a day trip visiting our beloved son, Hazim.

He eventually got into an accident earlier on.  Syukur Alhamdulillah he came out unscratched.  Syukur ya amat Ya Allah.  Scare of my life but we still went down and see him, rasa tak puas if tak tengok muka anakanda seorang itewww.

Kereta? Gini la ghupernya but car is replaceable but not him.


In Ipoh, ai met another college friend that I have not met in yearsss.  Alhamdulillah  I am always forever grateful for the friendship and sillaturrahim with friends who turns families eventually.


with kids and our hubbies.  Blisss!!

With the above entries, lets welcome October 2016!