Su and As

Salam dear readers,


A photo worth a 29 years.

In tudung biru is Suaibah Daud.  In middle is Asmah Husin and me.

The last time we met was in 1987, in our form 5 in Kelantan.

Yup, that’s right.  29 years!  That is how long we been parted till Alhamdulillah, we met again this day, to be exact on Saturday last, 20 August 2016.

I was back briefly in hometown with betterhalf.

Thanks to e-technology, godek punya godek, berjumpa kami akhirnya.

Three of us has changed like almost to zillion things.  hehe.  But we still hang on to the same memories, our school years.  Betul la orang cakap, zaman sekolah is the best.  Tidak ada tolak bandingnya…

We vowed to keep in touch and will soon meet again.

To As and Su, thank you for ‘ponteng’ kerja to meet me.  You are guys are the best.  Bak kata, Encik Suami, sahabat yang baik membawa kita ke syurga!

InsyaAllah Aaaaminnnn!


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