Happy 13th birthday dear Syaza!

Alhamdulillah our little angel celebrates her 13th birthday today happily 🙂 and surrounds with so much love around her.


Our fourth ace. A caring soul and always full with excitement and energy. Always wanting to do something. Always dancing. Always self-ing 😛

(emo) It feels only yesterday that Ibu took you for your first dental visit that you takutt so much 😛 and today you dah 13 tahun, all eager to sail life!

Well sail on little angel.  Your dad and Ibu will always be here for you. For your good times. And will always be here if you need a shoulder to rest. To even cry on. I will be here to tell you how proud we have become of you. For everything that you have done and achieved. And for the things you have yet to achieve for life is a lifetime journey. We are just your breath away.

Continue to be kind Sayang for kindness will be your lifetime treasure. May Allah SWT guide you through everything that you do with His Barakah and Rahmat, Insya Allah!

I know you love your Swatch and other presents that you have. You are the lucky angel!

Happy birthday again sayang.  And now you are now officially 13! 🙂

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