Happy Birthday, Betterhalf

This past few days have been emotional and intense.  Mostly were the good vibes. So, syukur to that.

hmm probably its that cycle or work or kids or raya or what, but sikit sikit nanges, sikit sikit nanges.

Tapi tak pe, crying is a good therapy.  Just like retail 🙂

But the peak of it probably, because its that time of the year again.  My betterhalf birthday…

As we both spending more and more time together, at times I also feel that my time is getting shorter and shorter for us. (Okay emo again).

So this entry is from heart and personal. * tears 😦

Alhamdulillah you are getting another year.  So happy birthday Abang.  Age really had gotten into me that every single second with you is a bless.

My doa is for Allah SWT to spare us more time of togetherness.  To just sitting around talking and more talking, not doing anything.  Or out for our usual tehtarik.  Our travels here and there.  Our Starbucks drive tru-s. The everything!

To fight over almost anything as we both are different.  We indeed complete each other by being indifferent.  We have different hobbies.  We like different colours. We do different things.  We eat different food..

But like you said the other night (one of those emo ones), that we actually two persons but in one head.  We want the same thing, thats why we fought hard for it.  hehe, cute one sayang.  Then I asked, what is that we want so badly anyway, and you said – each other! (okay cry)

We need to be together, we have to.  We need to execute our responsibilities for our five aces.  Five aces aside, more things are coming their way, our way (erks, scared).

So I need you, more than anything ever.  Do not leave me just yet ever. (okay this is hard, tears is overflowing)

So on this birthday of yours sayang, please always take care of yourself.  I love you too much that it hurts.  We love you.  Kids adore you like the greatest of the greatest.

Have the grandest one ba.

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