Happy 13th birthday dear Syaza!

Alhamdulillah our little angel celebrates her 13th birthday today happily 🙂 and surrounds with so much love around her.


Our fourth ace. A caring soul and always full with excitement and energy. Always wanting to do something. Always dancing. Always self-ing 😛

(emo) It feels only yesterday that Ibu took you for your first dental visit that you takutt so much 😛 and today you dah 13 tahun, all eager to sail life!

Well sail on little angel.  Your dad and Ibu will always be here for you. For your good times. And will always be here if you need a shoulder to rest. To even cry on. I will be here to tell you how proud we have become of you. For everything that you have done and achieved. And for the things you have yet to achieve for life is a lifetime journey. We are just your breath away.

Continue to be kind Sayang for kindness will be your lifetime treasure. May Allah SWT guide you through everything that you do with His Barakah and Rahmat, Insya Allah!

I know you love your Swatch and other presents that you have. You are the lucky angel!

Happy birthday again sayang.  And now you are now officially 13! 🙂

50 and bergaya !

It was the grandest.  With so much love all around youuuuu.  The ozzies are back that add on to the purfect-ness of the beautiful birthday for a soul that me love so dearly, both in this dunia and akhirat, InsyaAllah !!


Thank you kids.  Thank you Sarah K Production 😛 for the ohsem clip.  And Kakak who leads. Oh yes, the bloopers Director, Jaja.

Of course, our sons – Abang Ngah (who is not with us that day;sad and Ajin Piji.

Amateur but grandly done.  Me is proud 🙂

Oh yeah, must credit the song of Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonders.  Kang kena cantas pulak clip neh. hehe

Happy Birthday, Betterhalf

This past few days have been emotional and intense.  Mostly were the good vibes. So, syukur to that.

hmm probably its that cycle or work or kids or raya or what, but sikit sikit nanges, sikit sikit nanges.

Tapi tak pe, crying is a good therapy.  Just like retail 🙂

But the peak of it probably, because its that time of the year again.  My betterhalf birthday…

As we both spending more and more time together, at times I also feel that my time is getting shorter and shorter for us. (Okay emo again).

So this entry is from heart and personal. * tears 😦

Alhamdulillah you are getting another year.  So happy birthday Abang.  Age really had gotten into me that every single second with you is a bless.

My doa is for Allah SWT to spare us more time of togetherness.  To just sitting around talking and more talking, not doing anything.  Or out for our usual tehtarik.  Our travels here and there.  Our Starbucks drive tru-s. The everything!

To fight over almost anything as we both are different.  We indeed complete each other by being indifferent.  We have different hobbies.  We like different colours. We do different things.  We eat different food..

But like you said the other night (one of those emo ones), that we actually two persons but in one head.  We want the same thing, thats why we fought hard for it.  hehe, cute one sayang.  Then I asked, what is that we want so badly anyway, and you said – each other! (okay cry)

We need to be together, we have to.  We need to execute our responsibilities for our five aces.  Five aces aside, more things are coming their way, our way (erks, scared).

So I need you, more than anything ever.  Do not leave me just yet ever. (okay this is hard, tears is overflowing)

So on this birthday of yours sayang, please always take care of yourself.  I love you too much that it hurts.  We love you.  Kids adore you like the greatest of the greatest.

Have the grandest one ba.

Letter to Sarah & Syaza

Dear Sarah & Syaza,

When both of you were smaller and growing up, you both fought all the time.  Over everything.  From the smallest to the biggest (in your own world of course).

Then, I used to think and prayed in my heart that when both of you are older and wiser, you will end up being good friends instead.  You both are afterall from the same bloodline and siblings till afterlife.  in 2016, Sarah is 15 and Syaza is 13.

When you both were smaller too, I always dressed you both in similar clothing.  Many mistakenly you both as twin.  Well, I kinda like it.  So it continued for quite some time.


Then time passed. And both of you are teenagers now, Alhamdulillah.

Sarah is quietly looking after you, Syaza.  That I know.  Very often, she would come and tell me with tears in her eyes that you actually melawan cakap dia. hmmm

Why do you think she cried?  Because she cares and loves  you more than anything.  Sarah being her, is the tough one who would keep many things within her.

sarah_syaza_siblings forever


Hmmm.  Okay now where do I begin :(..

Its not even about both of you, perhaps.  Perhaps its just me.

But both of you are big in my eyes today.  And I hope you both are also growing in terms of thinking and behaviour.

I am not going to live and be here forever.  And I cannot predict the future.  May be one day I be old and senile and what happened last night between us will haunt you both forever 😦

so here I am writing, hoping 10 years probably from today, you both would stumble upon this and read.  And at least try to understand.

The matter was indeed too small for us to have that ‘huge’ drama.

But above all, always try to be me.  Who loves you both more than I love myself.  Who only wish for the best in both dunia for you both.  Who only both of you to be the best among the best, to be kind.

I am proud of you both, that’s fact.

Nonetheless, some behaviour when its wrong, it IS wrong.

I have forgiven you both and seek Allah SWT to also forgive me for scolded you both that bad.

Find that 5 minutes in your heart and be me.  Feel that heartbreak, the heartache 😦

I am just sad for that brief moment.  Hoping that something else would came out from it 😦

Ayah is right, probably I am being too emotional.

I should have let you both to grow up and you both will understand my actions over time.

Well, I am going to end it here for now.

In my heart, you are forever my baby girls and I love you.

Cerita Raya Aidil Fitri 2016

Raya this year probably one of the best raya ever for my children and us.

The Ozzies are back for raya.  All grown up.  Cantik Jelita semuanya 🙂

And we were down south, both in Melaka (FIL side) and Singapore (MIL side).  Both had left us, Al Fatihah to them, May Allah SWT rewards them Jannatul Firdausi.

So both Ayah and Ibu, trying our best to memanjangkan silaturrahim anak-anak with their clans from Ayah’s side, InsyaAllah.

Gambar ada berjuta-juta lemon di bermacam-macam gadgets dan laman sesawang 🙂

But I had few to share, these are one of many that I like 🙂

So, Selamat Hari Raya to all who is reading this (ada ke) hehe.  Maaf Zahir Batin ya.

Till next raya, enjoys.



Raya2016_padang_cousin_boys  Raya2016_padang_allcousins

The arwah Mamat’s cucu – 24 in total Alhamdulillah.  Tengok la Amber Yamber Zamber.. hehe.



raya2016_singapore_comel   Raya2016_singapore_makteh


Razin Hafizi officially 11 !

razin11Bday_gadget  razin11Bday_gadget  razin11Bday_gadget

Alhamdulillah, he is officially 11 years old today.  Born tadi at 3.40 am, only 11 years ago 🙂

This manja boy is our last in this life, Alhamdulillah.  He is a proclaimed ‘you-tuber’ *rolled eyes!

He plays game all the time, he and you tube is inseparable.  Ask him anything about his world, its just at his fingertips.

Nonetheless, above all, he performs his Solat, he remembers his doa.  He doa for me a lot infact *melting Ibu.  Hehe

He does well in school too.  Alhamdulillah.

Yesterday, he WA us all in family group and he reminded us about today @ 12 July 2016 is his birthday and he enlisted what he wishes for his birthday 😛

Well, he got what he wanted, except for the PS 4. Big No until you learn how to socialize (deal?).

So happy birthday sweet Razin, who we called Ajin Piji.

We super love you.  Being the youngest, yes you are ‘quite’ tough to deal with, hehe but you have such a kind heart and generous, Alhamdulillah.

Be my boy who brings Ibu to Jannah ok, alongside with your Ayah and sibs.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,  happy birthday !!


Caption – Pizza (his favourite place) dinner last night 🙂


With his only brother in this world (who was not around last night) – who he adores dearly.


Birthday came few days earlier, in Singapore for raya in 2016.  Thank you Nenek Busu !