Our Baby, Another Birthday…


Forever our little angel.  Our baby.

In every mother and father’s eye and heart, their firstborn is always ‘the’ one.

As with that birth of our lil girl, who we named Miza Syakirah, we both became a mother and father as well, for the very first time.

And, It was Hari Raya Qurban in 1994.  As azan subuh berkumandang, I was awaken from my sleep and realized ada blood spotage.  I was so scared.  But I also realized that that was the day that this little girl I was carrying in my stomach for the past 9 months was about to pop out 🙂

I got up. Mandi and solat subuh.  I cited Ya’asin memohon dari Allah SWT agar semua dipermudahkanNya.

As it was hari raya Qurban, all in families were busy celebrating.

And, me and Ayah kena kuarantin kat rumah…

We went to PUSRAWI at about 6 pm.  Road was clear and journey was smooth.

Checked in.

That night at 10.40 pm, our tiny angel, a girl arrived after an hour of ‘war’ with the nurses, doc and ayah too. Hehe.

But that very moment… was the most beautiful.  The most awaited…The most treasured.

As I held her in my arms for the very first time, it was love at the first sight…

And 22 years today, she is still the love of our life, always.  Our pride and our Joy!

So, Happy birthday Along ! today on 21 May.

Ibu dan Ayah doakan agar Along dirahmati dan dikasihi Allah SWT dan sentiasa dibawah LindunganNya.

May Allah SWT keep you safe all the time.  Kasihlah Along sebagaimana Ibu dan Ayah mengasihi Along.

Go and conquer the world sayang. Ibu dan Ayah is  right behind you!


A Bore Poem

The audience was empty

No one was watching

Why Do I wanna be cheeky

Lemme try honesty – lah

I have been fasting

and movie watching

and calculating

to so many things

Birthday coming

What Am I buying?


Boring and its killing

Let me try sleeping- lah


*Hani, dok mengganti puasa last day dah today huhu 12/5/2016