Happy 15th Birthday, Sarah !

Dearest Sarah,

Once a Princess. Foreva you will be!

And Princess is 15 today, happy birthday! ..yaayyy  Alhamdulillah.


And yeah, you are a big girl already.  And very pweety too.  I know if your kakak besar reading this, she would probably say.. Ibuuuu! 😀

But hey, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, right?.  As a mother, and your mother, you are just a perfect gift from Allah SWT to me and your ayah.  And Kakak too definitely, and yeah Syaza, Abang Ngah and the little one included.. 🙂

Thing is, I know as you grow up and terming with more things in your life, I can be very challenging additional item too at times. I know you have tried to be a better daughter to Ibu and thank you for that.  It is actually not you…  I can be very tough at times as I constantly worrying about you and your well being and only wanting the best for you and from you. Of how you going to be if one day I am no longer here to just be on look out for my little Sarah..

So, thank you Sarah.  For always being a better daughter for Ibu.  And I love you very much.  Its your happy day, so babbling aside!

So happy birthday Sayang, always be syukur for all that you have, that we have.  Count our blessing than mourning over what we do not have and might have had.  ok Chikkkk?

Enjoy being 15 !.  Take care of yourself always.  Ibu and Ayah and the rest in our team will always doa for your wellbeing, your success and your happiness.

Ran out of ideas already of what to give  you.  So make good use of that RM.

Happy birthday again, Sarah a.k.a Kak Lang, Kak Arah (to Noyah).