Happy 21st Birthday, Along @ B @ Kakak Besar :)

Alhamdulillah, your birthday is here again.

Just a little something from home for your birthday as appendix to your joyful day.  Your birthday has always reminded Ibu and Ayah of how far we have come in life.

You are our benchmarking 🙂 And Alhamdulillah Happy 21st birthday today B.  Doa Ibu dan Ayah agar Along terus dirahmati Allah SWT dengan segala kebarakatan dan kebaikan, dunia dan akhirat.

Along anak yang sangat cemerlang.  Sedikit degil, and I cannot blame you alone really, some things run the the genes 🙂 hehe.

Be happy always sayang, and just be yourself.  You are very special in your own way.  Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

So, Hurried home B.  Your ‘furly’ present is longing missing you.  All of us do too…

oh oh also, all the best for your ongoing Final 2015 ya.

Ok B,  Happy birthday again, we love you too much. Along Birthday 21

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