2014 Ended, Roll On 2015!

Salam dear readers,

Life takes its toll and dragged me.  So much to spell and tell. Tapi hakikatnya tidak dapat. Blame it on work and home routines 😛

So here I am in 2015, to tell the ending of 2014.

As December 2014 came knocking, we were in Kuantan visiting Kakak.

familia_kuantan Beach, the place they always want to be. family_kuantan Eh ya la.  Mana Razin?

Then middle in December 2014, my dearest boss left. And it was a super sad day 😦  ….. *Tears*


So much all of us wishing her to stay but for her sake and happiness, we wish you the best for the future Puan.

As 2014 was really ending, come the flood disaster in Kelantan, Subhanallah. It was beyond words to describe, but to Allah Al Mighty we surrender and seek forgiveness. Me and betterhalf was down in Kelantan from 29th December 2014 and was back in KL as 2015 arrives…

No pictures to capture as it was too sad to even write a caption.


2014 generally has been another busy year for me.  Work especially.  But Alhamdulillah all of us survived 🙂

Family? well Alhamdulillah, everybody is still in one piece.  Hehe.  But generally, semua dah makin besar panjang.

So now, as 2015 has almost reach its mid Jan, I wish everyone a very happy new year!

Roll on 2015!!

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