My first boy is 17 !


Syukur to Allah SWT for blessing us him.  Our son, Mustafa Hazim has been a godsend. And today, our once upon-a-time, baby boy celebrates his 17th birthday and he has definitely outgrown everyone else in the house 😛

And on this happy day, all of us in the family want to wish him happy birthday!! With so much love. We doa for your happiness, good health and well being always. May Allah SWT keep you safe all the time and may all your dreams comes true, one by one, In Syaa Allah.

For a kind soul like you, deserves everything that universe could offer and the world will also be kind to you…

*Caption* – Photo taken last night during the pre dinner with our dearest Abang Ngah at his favourite Subway.  Hence, SPM is far from over, so celebration was kept low 🙂

Once again, Happy Birthday Sayang!!  We love you just too much 🙂