Another year wiser :) pada tarikh itu.

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah masih lagi di sini, teguh berdiri.  Walau dalam ke hectic-kan hidup dan kerja. #life is tough#

What important to me is Allah SWT blesses me with His Nur for me in becoming His better khalifah.  Better wife, better mom to my juniors, better friend, better colleague, better sister… list goes on with BETTERMENT in it, Insya Allah.

Thank you En Suami ya. Kita suka bunga itew.  Hadiah itew.  Thank you keladi leaf.  Tahun depan kasik lagi k.  hehe

To Along, Abang Ngah, Sarah, Syaza and Ajin piji,  thank you for the yummilicious homemade cupcakes and pressies too.  I am just too happy 🙂

Love you all to bits and Jannah…

sesedap warnanya 🙂
my girls 🙂


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