delayed : Sarah Kamilia turned 13 on 10 March 2014

Orang bijak pandai cakap, biar lambat asal kan selamat.  Omputih pulak kata, better be late than never 🙂

Sharing some photos taken during an outing with Sarah and her friends on her birthday, 10 March 2014 for our personal album.

It was a good outing and a birthday celebration *love*





WE made it !!

Alhamdulillah, 21 years.

WE made it.  Happy Anniversary sayang.

This akad last this long not only because they are destined to last long,but its because two brave people (me & you) 🙂 made a choice… To keep it ,fight for it and work for it …

Amin ,insyaAllah…!!

BTW, ini lah hasilnya.  Kih kih…