Don’t Grow Up Too Fast Girls….

I must be old *sigh* 😦

or ….

They grow up too fast 🙂

My three girls —– my life experiments and experiences, who have taught me so much in life.  Of becoming a person and a mother. Everyday is still a learning day and new day for me with them.

I have my flaws, and still trying to be the best, for them especially.

Look at my eldest baby girl, once upon a time…


My eldest today, Miza a.k.a Baby, growing up wayyyy too fast.   Feel only yesterday as I laid in the ward, thinking “gosh, I just pushed out a 3.2 kg baby???

And still seeing her in my eyes, running away in the house, terkedek-kedek with her baju kembang kembang *hehe* and less hair then…

Being our eldest, she is like a test kit. Everything started with her.  Try itu, try ini on her.  From food diet, to types of clothing that suits.  From reading method to understanding gadgets.  You just name it…

Miza has her own personality, that can be very challenging at times, but hey, that’s her 🙂  and I love her for just being her.  Being the eldest, I know she worries about a lot of things for her family and adik-adik.  As she was away in boarding school most of her growing up years, may be she feels, she has a lot to catch up.  But truth is sayang, you really did not miss anything.  You had always been with us, in our thoughts and prayers.

As for me, being ace number one, she is my pillar of strength and my shoulder to cry on…maklum, she has better understanding what life is all about kan?


miza B

Now, my other girl, the princess wannabe, is Sarah Kay, also growing up too fast. *huk huk*

‘Dangdut’ was her middle name when she was still small.  She would be singing and dancing,  with every mirror she found 😛  She was sooo into herself, wearing make up and stuff.  hehe.  So, dangdut it was then 🙂

And today, dah jadi ratu selfie pulak kat rumah. Her gadgets are full with a selfie of herself.  Ratu la tuh kan?

At 13, Sarah is adapting and still understanding many things that are happening around her.  Life is moving very fast sayang, take it easy and just be yourself and be kind, and all the kindness will come back at you In Syaa Allah.


And, my anak bongsu girl, Syaza Irdina or Ja.  The garang ace, but adorably manja.

Lucky I have her,  teaching the younger brother, Razin about stuff….  Pok pek pok pek  dia, muncung muncung mulutnya berleter kat Razin.  hehe.  So, Ibu tengok jer la 🙂

Out of our 3 girls, I must say, Syaza has an excessive amount of that ‘caring hormones 🙂  Try and fall sick, she will be the first one to bring up ‘teh’ o and biskut kering to my room.  Ouch, sweetness sayang…

At 11 today, she is one free willy, who thinks One Direction is the coolest?

She also loves to take photos of herself, click here, click there.  Oops, she is on the running to challenge Kak Sarah for the trophy- Ratu selfie 🙂 kot.


Well, that’s my girls.  3 different souls with different personalities. The love of my life, our life.


The other day, back from dinner in the car, our conversation lingered about this blog of mine – Somethin’ Light.

As they were reading the blog at the back, they were laughing away looking how small and naïve they once before.  They were giggling and laughing at each other nerd-ness.

Girls, you may grow in terms of size and strength, but you remains babies in my heart forever and you are the best things that ever happened in my life.  Alhamdulillah.

Ibu@29 April 2014






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