I am still breathing

… very much, alive. Alhamdulillah.

From Sarah turned 12 @ 10 March 2014 to 15 April 2014 – zero entry.  No specific whys, just malas and occupied with both work and house work.  But they say, tak pe lah.  Be grateful that you are tormented and busy 🙂 because, at least masih breathing and kicking alive right? Yeah…

But yeah March has been a bliss.  Syukur Alhamdullillah.  Bulan bonus kan. kih kih. Syukur kepada Allah SWT dengan rezeki yang melimpah ruah dan tidak pernah putus buat kami satu keluarga.

Just for record, saya beli sofa baru.  Yippie.

And, a handbag 🙂  errr reward for oneself.  It has been a hardworking year hokay.  *smile*

And yes yes, menyimpan juga.  Insya Allah untuk hari-hari tua nanti.

Then, in March also time cuti sekolah hari tuh, me and family and adik-beradik family, off to Kuala Gandah, to see the elephants.

How was it?  Ask the kids, don’t ask me 😛


Oh and we baby sit Naurah Madihah for 4 days without mommi and daddi dia.  Both pergi Bali honeymooning.  It has been awhile that we had a ‘baby’ in the house.  But Naurah was so much fun.  Minah selfie kecik tuh.. heppp.

Ok, I guess those are the major ones in March and April 2014.

Okay saya dah lapar, nak gi makan. Chow…

Take care peeps.


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