Happy 13th Birthday Sarah :)

Dear Sarah,

Today is such a beautiful day

As beautiful as you 🙂

Syukur to Allah SWT, for Ibu and Ayah to be blessed with you


We love you too much, beyond from what you could ever imagine..

As today is your 13th birthday

Ibu, ayah and all of us wish you love and happiness

With our doa yang banyak-banyak and never ending 🙂

To our one and only princess wannabe 😀

Mudahan Sarah Kamilia menjadi anak kami yang solehah

Anak kami yang baik

Anak kami yang sihat dan ceria selalu

and Ya Allah, keep her safe all the time

And Ya Allah, Ya Rob makbulkan segala doa kami Ya Allah

Agar Sarah terus cemerlang dan menjadi khalifah solehah

KesayanganMu dan kesayangan kami…

To Sarah,

Enjoy your day today and hope you like the birthday present 🙂

Remember Sayang… Masa itu Emas 🙂

Happy Birthday lil princess !!