Sarah & Naurah di 2014



My first posting in 2014.  Yeah, you saw it right.  Big picture. Clear and simple, yet jovial and happy.  New theme. New tagline *if you noticed*.

No particular reason.  Just being new.  As  new as the year – 2014.

The pic above is of course, our lil princess, Sarah Kay who is in 2014 will be 13.  She is all grown up and outgrown my lap already, but *never my heart*.  Tak sempat nak kejar dah.  Doa sahaja lah yang sentiasa mengiringi Sarah melangkah ke sekolah menengah *junior high school* 🙂

With Sarah, is our adorable Naurah Madihah.  Naurah is my lil SIL youngest baby.  She is like a ‘pet’ in our house, being the tiny-esst 🙂 and with her double dose of cuteness…

Everytime, Naurah is in the house – lunyai dia kami kerjakan.  Sori momi.  Sori dadi 😛

I hope 2014 will see me writing more poems. As I am now comfortably settled with workloads.

I also hope 2014 will see a happier us.  All of Us 🙂 , In Syaa ALLAH…

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