happy 16th birthday, dear son

My son.  My everything 🙂 and Alhamdulillah he is 16 today.

Ibu loves you despite of all those hoo haa tau 😛  Very much!

Happy birthday sayang.


Eeerr elo bro, cake tuh lum settle dalam peti ais.  hehe.


oh my son.  We are so syukur for you.  Alhamdullilah 🙂


And, not forgetting our Ali Hamzah, our nephew who also celebrated his birthday today, 11.11 (sama macam Abang Ngah),  Ibu doakan both of you terus membesar menjadi anak-anak lelaki solehah kebangaan kami semua, dunia akhirat.

Happy birthday again to both of you with love on this happy day.


2 Replies to “happy 16th birthday, dear son”

  1. Hello again ;),

    Waaaa what a coincidence. Happy birthday to your son and may he had a blast day on that happy day.

    Hazim is my second child. Our eldest is 19 year old girl, Miza Syakirah. Read on, you will find loads of stuff about my kids here.

    Thank you dear!


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