Hello ‘You’, please-lah !

Yes, you.

Do  not over-rated yourself, please.  Do not ever buy the quote – forgive & forget.  Because, for your information, I don’t forgive.  And NO, I don’t forget.

You may be forget la.  Spesis bak kata Tun Mahathir – Melayu mudah lupa.  But not me.

Yes I am not Nabi.  Yes I should have moved on.  Yes, let by gone be by gone lah.  Forgive and forget-lah.


Well, I have moved on.  Becoming a better person, In syaa Allah – you tadak pun, hidup banyak senang la.

So, be happy with your life.

But don’t behave in a manner like semua is a-OK and bla bla bla.

Please address me properly, menyampah pulak aku kadang wei.

*  oh ok.  You wonder what is going on?


You know who ‘YOU’ are lah !!!