celcom ooooo celcom !

Pissed mode activated.

Saya ada beberapa talian mobile.  For myself and my children.  Dulu once upon a time, mostly were celcom numbers.

As Malaysia is celebrating 56th years of independence esok, I just want to share my bitter experience with the so-called giant Telco – Celcom.

First scenario, early this year, saya terminate satu nombor celcom.  I had a deposit of RM288 in that number being paid for roaming facility.  Upon termination, Celcom said a cheque will be posted to my home address. Fine.

Come 4 months cheque was nowhere to be seen, saya buat aduan.  Ke sini : aduan@cfm.org.my




Thank you again for submitting your complaint, CFM/13/03/0448 , via CFM’s Online Complaints Portal.

CFM has been notified by the respective Service Provider that they have communicated a solution / resolution to you with regards to the issue. We would like to confirm whether the problem has been resolved accordingly or if you have any disputes regarding the resolution provided.

Please reply to this email within 3 working days if the problem remains unresolved or if you have any disputes regarding the resolution. We would appreciate your kind assistance in providing us with the details of the dispute.

Kindly ignore this email if the case has been resolved.

Should there be a recurrence of the same complaint, we encourage you to refer it to your respective service provider first. If the problem still persists, please lodge a complaint via CFM’s Online Complaints Portal or aduan@cfm.org.my or contact us at 1800 18 2222.

Thank you.


Your Rights, Our Priority
Communications & Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia

Tel: +603 2692 3800 | Fax: +603 2693 2288 | Hotline: 1800 18 2222


Then, last month I terminated another celcom number.  Sebab my girl’s phone was stolen, so I thought timely-lah, I tutup.  And I had a bill of RM106.85 then.

This month, aleh-aleh Celcom had decided to send me surat lawyer @ saman!!.  The k*r%^$#@ CELCOM*super pissed* sued me for RM106.85 that just entered into my second month by default ????  WHATTTT THEEEE   TOOOTTTTTT !!!!!


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!.  Ko saman aku yea!!  Bila ko lambat bayar cheque aku for almost 5 months, aku tak boleh saman ko kann???

Ya lah sape lah aku kan.  Sapa lah ko kan??

Tak pe, just in case ada orang Celcom baca post neh, aku dah bayar RM106.85 itu dengan doa mudahan-mudahan cepat lah ko bangkrap cik CELCOM oi…

In Syaa Allah, akan sampai lah masa ko nanti tuh.

Tunggu jer la…

Friendship & Raya Food :)

Our friendship of over twenty years celebrated with raya food.  Heavenly 🙂 Alhamdulillah.

Let the photos speak.


pot2  pot3 pot4 pot5


pot8   pot10

Mudahan kita semua terus sihat sejahtera for many more raya gatherings and picture snapping 😀 , In Syaa Allah !

Random Raya 2013

Life revisited during raya seasons 🙂

Have you ever in your most busy days, dropped everything and sleep?

Yes! that is exactly what I feel like doing right now. Penat melampau today.

But before that, here are some more photos of our Singapore Raya 2013. For our remembrance mostly.






🙂 describe one feeling about the photos?.  Novelty!

Syawal 2013

Salam Syawal 2013 dari kami sekeluarga.  Maaf Zahir & Batin !

syawal1     syawal3  syawal4


May your Raya 2013 has been as joyous and colorful as ours ! 🙂  *maklum, tema baju berwarna-warni pada tahun ini* hiks.

Take care for now.

Ramadhan 2013 coming to its end :(

Alhamdulillah, sudah 28 hari berpuasa hari ini…

Enough said about how time flies…  Lalat pun tidak sepantas ini rasanya.

Ramadhan kali ini Alhamdulillah semua berjalan lancar.  Anak-anak and my better half, walau ditimpa sedikit ujian kecil kemalangan pada minggu lepas, semua berada dalam keadaan yang tip-top.

Si kecik kami, Ajin Piji berpuasa penuh (todate) this year with zero fuss.  Sungguh gigih dia berpuasa 🙂

As for me, syukur Alhamdulillah kerana Allah SWT memberi kesihatan yang baik sepanjang Ramadhan kali ini.  Saya juga sungguh gigih in ensuring that food is on the table for berbuka and sahur 🙂 , Alhamdulillah.

Rasanya this is the first Ramadhan that I cooked almost daily.  This year, selera untuk lauk-lauk bazaar sungguh tidak ada.

We cook, thank you to my Chef Hazim and Miza who are always in the kitchen helping.  Oh yes, and of course the lil princesses, Sarah and Syaza, all of you have been an angel, as always.


So, as for reward… hubby is taking us all to Singapore for  raya!

Kids are thrilled sebab, it has been ages since we all raya di sana.  Dulu masa arwah ayah dan mak ada, rajin jugak we all ke sana beraya.

So anyway, entry raya just have to wait 🙂

As for now, selamat bercuti to all.  Berhati-hati memandu bila pulang ke kampong masing-masing ya.