Otak pun jerebu

Okay, I am bored.

Monday blues kah? Hmmm mungkin juga la.  Lagipun boss tak de, walau kerja tak muat meja, mood semua ntah ke mana 🙂

And thank you to haze, my mood is swinging even further!

Blog ini pun dah lama tak ber-update, kan?

Speaking of the haze, personally I am very worried.  For my kids mostly.  Alhamdulillah today cuti sekolah but what about esok and esok.  It will not solve anything by just cuti sekolah?

And, I think this is the worst haze ever that I ever experienced.  The last time we had it, was not this bad.

My betterhalf is away up north for few days and he said, northern is haze-free at the moment.  In a way, it is a blessing for a smoker like him.  I hope by the time he is back, Kl haze will be blown up to somewhere else, In Syaa Allah.

I am praying to Allah SWT to keep us safe and spare us from any musibah yang lagi teruk.  A reminder from up above…

Allah Huakbar !

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