Quater 2013 had passed…

A friend once said, masa itu macam lalat (*requote*) – time flies.

Salam to all.

April is ending in less than a week.  Soon, hello May.  Into half year of 2013 dah kan? Wow.  Need to walk faster and work harder, In syaa Allah…

So what is going on in your lives people?  tons of stuff, I am sure.  But reminder to myself mostly and you as well is  May Allah SWT spare us His Nur not to forget Him despite of all busy-ness 🙂

Solat didahulukan ok!

Alhamdulillah, everyone at home is in well.  Busy with school of course.

My baby girl is sitting for her final exam in few weeks time. So, good luck baby. Mudahan Allah memudahkan segala-galanya bagi anakanda ibu yang sorang ini as this semester is crucial and I know you are studying and working hard. In syaa Allah ok!

Abang Ngah just finished with school hockey.  Too bad, the school team kalah, walau ‘gadgets’ gempak mengalahkan Malaysian’ players. hikhik.  Apa pun, better luck next year and training must continue!

Sarah dangdut Ibu also sitting for her big exam this year – UPSR.  Remember darling, no short cut so success ok 🙂  Study smart and need to double-work on that karangan.

Our kecik two, Syaza and Razin are also busy.  Errr wait wait? With hmmm  yeah, school! 🙂 and of course lego, drawing, masak-masak  and stuff 😀  Me loveeee you both!

As for me and daddy, Alhamdulilah, all good and healthy – managing five kids can either mature you or kill  you?  Nahhhhhhh…… our children are our life. Our everything!  We are syukur Alhamdulillah for our family and children, they have been such an angel…. Even we both do realize that, nowadays nih we both can actually tertido di depan tv? Hmmm.  Tidak bagus di situ 😛

Okay peeps.  Phone non-stop ringing.  gotta go!

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