Our 12 year old princess…









Oh yes, the princess has turned into the big 12, today. Alhamdulillah.

To darling princess…..

You are twelve, you are brave
Be thankful for what you have

Go-lah singing, go-lah dancing
But never forget your solat thing

Be happy, go paint some wall
That you are twelve, loved by all

Oh princess,

You are twelve, no more naive
So apa lagi, kena lah behave! 😀


So, happy birthday and always know in your heart that me, ayah, kakak, abang ngah, adik Syaza and Ajin Piji – love you greatly and unconditionally!

You are always in our doa and May Allah SWT merahmati our Sarah Kamilia dan menjadi khalifah solehah dunia dan Akhirat!

And have the greatest birthday today !


Hope you enjoyed the surprise and cake.  And the present too 🙂  Muahsss.


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