I am still around. Just busy


*cough* sebab blog ini sudah banyak habuk.
*cough* sebab saya juga sedang batuk 😦

And yeah, I am still around. Alive and kicking. But must admit, just busy. Very busy infact.

Life has taken me to another path that is taxing a huge bulk of my hours for this new job portfolios. It has been hectic in the beginning, catching up now and In Syaa Allah, I will be back on track, soon.

Banyak sangat update yang ingin dikongsi, but this flu and cough is sucking all my ideas 🙂 *alasan*

To all my friends that have been very understanding and supporting – we shall catch up over kopi soon. Lama tak makan seafood belakang imbi tuh kan. Nyums, rinduuuu.

Well, sungguh tidak ada idea sekarang.

I will upload some gambar soon taken during our recent Kuantan Trip. Heavenly. Till then, chow.