LRT oh LRT !!


This is my baby entry in 2013 that I wrote with a lot of frustration and anger in me cursing the LRT service in my area.

As a Muslim, a mother and a wife, this should not be written, that I know. My children are looking up at me. So caution to myself to write this with a clear mind and heart.

I had a bad start today with LRT aliran Seri Petaling.

I am just a nobody hence, this entry might just end up, a waste of my time. The Prime Minister himself or any of his allies would NEVER be reading this. But hey, I am a frustrated citizen with rights. I do not wish to die out stress towards my country and so-called ‘facilities’/kemudahan yang tidak langsung mudah!. It is just ain’t worth it.

Oh yeah the bad start…

These days, I am back to LRT as my mode to commute to workplace. The distance from my house to LRT Bukit Jalil is 10 minutes under normal circumstances.

Today and a lot of other days, I came out from house at 6.45 am and can only reach the LRT station only an hour and half later later i.e 8 am !

Thannnnkkkkk youuuuuu (*read as – perli) to :

1. Horrible Jam due to LRT’s track extension – one hour to reach the Bukit Jalil station.
2. The usual parking is closed for a month due a concert?? – OMG. What concert is that? Mudahan Allah SWT tidak menimpakan bala kepada stadium ini. Amenn.
3. With one parking area available, imagine how it stucked? Cars from all over were pointing there – stucked another half hour.**&&^%FFDE$##

What I don’t understand is this.

1. Bina LRT untuk kemudahan without a proper parking/designated parking area with safety measures?
2. The improper parking area yang ada pula sentiasa di tutup sebab ada konsert la, Jom Heboh la, some motocars show la, bla bla bla. Nonsense!
3. Dengan parking area yang sentiasa becak, some freak people still have the heaert and decide to charge RM2 for a car to park. Tak malu ke??

Lagi saya tidak paham bila :

1. Orang gomen yang bijak pandai tuh. All the think tankers, the engineers, the architects, the who-so-ever-lah, tidak ada thinking process kah semasa membuat stadium sebesar alam di Bukit Jalil dan stesen LRT di tuh?
2. Simply because other countries ada LRT, kita pun nak buat LRT. Tapi menyusahkan rakyat/users? What are we trying to prove?

Yeah I know, you and you and you, do not go through the same hassle. Well, like I said, I do not want to die of stress to some *toot* think tankers and bodies yang spent so much billions of rakyat’s money and end up like this??. Not worth it.

So, I am simply distressing myself right now. You don’t like it? Stay away.

I want to have a peaceful life.