Tahniah Abang Ngah!


Alhamdulillah debaran PMR 2012 sudah berakhir 🙂

Our son, Abang Ngah has made us proud.  Everyone was so happy and thankful.

Tapi bro, sorry.  Kakak’s record is to stay for now 🙂 *sarah is ready for the challenge?*

Apapun, all of us indulges in laughter and merriment.  It was a good day as we celebrated the rezq yang Allah SWT beri berkat usaha kuat dan solat tuan empunya badan, tunjuk ajar guru-guru, sokongan semua sahabat, doa ibu dan ayah yang tidak pernah putus, doa dan harapan from kakak dan adik-adik and the dear families.

From all of us, we humbly say thank you.  To all.  Allah SWT the most.

*If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it* 🙂

hazim2  hazim1hazim3










It must have been such a happy day, later that night, his Pak Anjang and his batalion came for supper with our PMR achiever.  And with the sinful Baskin Robbin Ice Cream 🙂 hehe * arghhhh*












Congratulations again, dear son.


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